The Name Of Karatay University Historical Brief
We take care of the cultural and historical heritage of Seljuks, work as a technical university in the field of engineering, as law office in the field of law and as business firm and exporter in the field of economics, business and administrative field in a cooperation with world of trade and industry and give special importance to applied education. Thus, KTO Karatay University has great missions. It is very important for our students to get technical training, have a high level of proficiency in foreign language and be educated also in ethics, so they won’t have any concerns regarding finding a job after their graduation and they will take the role of leadership with their innovative and entrepreneur efforts. Moreover, they will lead the society in constant education.  There is an article about Karatay Madrasah from which our university takes its name in “about us”.
About KTO Karatay University
We have started to accept students to our Faculty of Engineering; Electrical and Electronics, Computer and Mechatronics Engineering Departments, Faculty of Economics, Business and Administrative Sciences; Business Administration and Management and International Trade Department and Faculty of Law. Except for Faculty of Law, we have English Preparatory Program for all faculties.  Our students will get have a great higher education in Konya where is one of the most suitable metropolises in terms of living conditions with our dynamic, highly educated and young academic staff with international experiences. The student will have great opportunities in such a university where the students will get an intensive and applied education in corporation with the world of industry and trade.
Konya Chamber of Commerce founded in 1882 is one of the well-established chambers in Turkey with its almost twenty thousand members. This long standing chamber has always been pioneer in the city and brought new expansions. In addition to the daily services, the chamber had also great achievements. To give one of the best examples, we can consider Konya Chamber of Commerce Fair Square (on Aksaray Motorway) which opens the doors of Konya to national and international entrepreneurs. With many fairs organized every year, it plays an important role in the economy of region and country. As an example, one hundred and seventy thousand participants attended to the Agricultural Fair in March 2010.

A greater achievement of Konya Chamber of Commerce has been to establish a university. For this reasons, they have concentrated on the idea of a foundation university which was expected to be built by Konya Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation.

KTO Karatay University consists of;

belonging to the Rectorate.

Where is KTO Karatay University?
The Rectorate of the University is situated next to the Karatay Madrasah from which the university takes its name. Our campus is located between Mevlana Culture Center and the house of Justice in Konya.

In addition to those, the conference hall of Konya Chamber of Commerce having a capacity of 350 people and Konya Fair Square with all their facilities are available for the university to use any time. In this respect, our university seems to be very effective.

Two of the greatest services have been done by Konya Chamber of Commerce. Now, the aim is to have a university in the high standards of the world. With the help of this determination, enthusiasm and the progress that we have made so far, it does not seem to be so much difficult to achieve.