Where is Kirklareli?

Kirklareli University is in Thrace region and Kirklareli province which has a border with Bulgaria. It is 180 kms to Istanbul and 50 km to Edirne that has a border with Greece. Transport to Kirklareli is provided by intercity coaches traveling every half an hour. You can get to anywhere in the city within 5 to 10 minutes by local mini-buses and public buses. In addition you can confidently walk around the central in which there are activities, cafes and restaurants.

Kirklareli is Europe’s oldest agricultural city and its history goes back to 7000 years. Our city takes place in the first 10 cities of Turkey in terms of education, sociality, culture and economy. The city has a tolerant and helpful society with its Balkan people. You can have a great time in its parks, public gardens and festivals.

Kirklareli is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with its climate. You may have to wear heavy for a couple of months in winter but risk of being sick is very low because of small humidity and rich oxygen in the air. You can live a fresh and clean summer weather in the city. You can join the trips to Longoz Forests or enjoy the sun and beach at the İgneada beaches.

Detailed information about Kirklareli: www.kirklareli.gov.tr


About Kirklareli University

Kirklareli University, founded in 2007, is one of the young and developing universities of our country with its; 3 Institutes, 8 Faculties, 3 Schools and 7 Vocational Schools. Education and training is being provided in the green and spacious campus of Kavakli and in Kayali, 5th big campus of Europe of which the construction continues. Our young and dynamic staff prepares more than 18 thousand of our students for the future.

Kirklareli University offers internship and job opportunities to its graduates with the cooperation aggrements made with the business world. It offers opportunities in social, cultural and sportive field along with making them gain academic experiences.

It proceeds in the path of being a worldwide university with its incoming foreign students, especially coming from the Balkans in addition to the students coming from all over Turkey.


Academic Infastructure

The university which has 521 academic staff, 3 institutes, 8 faculties, 3 schools, 7 vocational schools and 10 research and application centers, provides academic education service to more than 18 thousand students.

We support scientific projects of our academicians, research and application centers with the studies of Scientific Research Project Coordinatorship of our university.

We open the gateway to scientific research for our students with the new research laboratory which has a great area of 3000 square meters at our new campus. Besides, arrangement of the Central Library and Conference-Cultural Center that will be opened in the forthcoming years has been completed in this campus.


Social Facilities

You can find a budget friendly place to stay within the state and private dormitories.

You can have healthy and affordable food at the refectories. You can also eat your food in your school’s canteen; in a café or at a restaurant situated in the special shopping center of the Kayali campus while having a good time with your friends.

You can take advantage of 4500 square meter indoor sports hall to perform your sportive and social activities, present your abilities and skills via 45 student clubs established by students. You can travel to the historical, cultural places and entertainment centers by joining to Turkey Tours also organized by the students.

You can attend to theatre shows, concerts and seminars performed in the cultural center; have fun at the spring festivals of the university accompanied by the famous artists and at the big festivals arranged in the city when the spring comes.