KSU, founded in 1992, has attained a contemporary profile via perpetually keeping up with the times and developing itself and adopted showing constant efforts with a view to achieving and maintaining higher education standards as a principle. Our university has showed an outstanding progress with its 10 faculties, 4 graduate schools, 8 vocational schools, 6 Rectorate affiliated departments, 15 research centres, approximately 23.000 students, 1000 academic staff and 700 administrative staff. Directing its education policies in accordance with the changing demands and needs of the society, our university possesses a physical structure comprised of Avşar Campus (Rectorate and Rectorate affiliated departments, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Agriculture), Bahçelievler Campus (Faculty of Theology, School of Physical Education and Sports, School of Health Services, Kindergarten, indoor sports hall and health centre); Karacasu Campus (Vocational Schools) and Faculty of Medicine Campus.On the Avşar Campus, which has a modern view resulting from infrastructure and environment planning, it is aimed at providing the best service to the students with smart classes and lecture theatres (seating 140-250), conference halls (seating 250-300), well equipped labs, sports facilities, internet halls, libraries and student cafeterias. Smart classes are available in all faculties, graduate and vocational schools. Lectures are supported visually with video projectors assembled in classes and computers with LCD screens which are mounted into the professorship chairs designed by Directorate of computing and department of informatics.

KSU has recognised contributing to well-educated individuals as its main purpose with the intention of creating a productive and contemporary society with its pre-eminent academic staff and rapidly increasing education quality since its foundation year.The central library with its rich collection caters for advocating our university’s education and research facilities, meeting the needs of students and academic staff stemming from their academic programme and scientific research. The collection includes almost 50.000 books, 743 published journals, 1630 postgraduate theses and 22 electronic databases. In addition, one of the founders of Turkish Historical Society, Ord. Prof. Mükrimin Halil Yinanç, donated a part of his library subsuming printed works on history, culture and literature in French, Old Turkish (Ottoman Turkish), Farsi and Arabic to our university in 2009 and following the necessary classifications, it has brought into service for the researchers.

KSU has engaged into student exchange, joint research and education programmes with several universities and international institutions.

Student and teaching staff exchange within the scope of Socrates-Erasmus Programme started in 2004/2005 academic year. KSU has exchanged 318 students and 88 instructors within the scope of Erasmus Exchange Programme since the academic year in concern. It currently has bilateral agreements with various European countries including Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Slovakia, Romania, Portuguese and Denmark within the scope of Erasmus Exchange Programme.

KSU also has educational, cultural and scientific cooperation agreements with Harper  Adams University (Great Britain),  King Mongut University of Technology (Thailand), Universita Delgi Studi Di Bari (Italy), University of West Hungary (Hungary), Universidad De Los Andes (Venezuela), Arizona University (USA), Turan University (Kazakstan) and Kazakh Ablai Khan University (Kazakstan).