Kafkas University provides Higher Education in Vocational (Associate), Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctorate Levels in the framework of global and local demand. Moreover, Kafkas University has a close collaboration with various sectors of industry, including agriculture, tourism, and business to develop and implement solutions to regional and international issues.


University Type                                  : State University

Language of Instruction                    : Turkish / English

Academic Units                                  : 10 Faculties

                                                             4 Schools

                                                             7 Vocational Schools

                                                             3 Graduate Schools

                                                             17 Research & Application Centres

Number of Residence Student          : 15,226

Number of Academic Staff                : 662

Number of Administrative Staff         : 409

Key Data on Institution

President’s Office                                : +90 474 225 11 50 (Pbx)

General Secretariat’s Office                : +90 474 225 11 58

Office for International Relations       : +90 474 225 11 57

Fax                                                     : +90 474 225 11 61

e-mail                                                 : rektor@kafkas.edu.tr,                international@kafkas.edu.tr

Web Site                                             : www.kafkas.edu.tr



 Kafkas University is located in Eastem Turkey in the city of Kars, a centet for education and culture. The name of Kars is descended from Karsak, a Turkish tribe. The city reflects deep traces of civilizations such as the Hurrians, Urartu, Iskit, Part, Sasanians, Romans, Byzantines, Georgians, Seljuks, Ak Koyunlu, Kara Koyunlu and Ottomans. With a known history since 13,000 – 14,000 b.c., it is a cultural mosaic.

About 20 per cent of its population of nearly 77.000 is made up of university students and its academic and administrative staff. Therefore, Kars is a center for students and youth.



The effective  and efficient usage of computers  is formaly  taught in widely in Kafkas Universty.At the Computer Assisted  Education  Center, computer based interactive  programs  for learning English  are accessible  for all students.

The universty’s new policy  toward “learning beyond the classroom borders” leaded  by Presedent Özcan has focused on promoting dissemination of the knowledge produced  from unıversity to wider audience. Distance Education Center of Kafkas Unıversity has recently  been established to fulfill the new vision and many distance education programs has already appeared.


            The students of Kafkas University benefit from student credits and bursaries given by the Governmental Scholarship £ Accommodation Organization or public organizations. Many non-profit institutions and foundations offer bursaries to Kafkas University students. Furthermore, students can enroll in work study programs where they are able to continue their full time education and work part time.


Kafkas University is accessible with its modern facilities and rich collections to both students and researchers. The library, established on more than a thousand two hundred square meters, has 10 study rooms, Kafkas University Library and Documentation Center is run by professional librarians. Its services are supported by computers, the internet and other network connections. There are over 80.000 books, and a wealth of e-resources and periodicals within the center.


Kafkas University supports the activities of various clubs, which we view as an essential part of education; therefore, there are many clubs run by students. Members of these clubs have a chance to participate in activities related to their future aims and have a chance to participate in actives related to their hobbies and to gain experience beyond the university education.

 The student clubs at Kafkas University are as follows: Biology Club, Nature and Life Club, Mountaineering Club, Birdwatching Club, Book Club, Music Club, Poetry Club, Photography Club, Kemalist Thought Club, Theatre Club, Chess Club, Cinema Club, Riding and Shooting Club, Social Thought and Press Club and Calligraphy Club.


Our students benefit from Kafkas University’s Hospital, situated on Central Campus. Students may receive all types of health services. Kafkas University’s hospital does provide inpatient care. Students also have access to  other state hospitals when needed


 Many students have the chance to participate in sports via various sports club and teams at Kafkas University. Different sports teams successfully compete for Turkey in the European Collage Competitions.

 Facilities such as a sports center, tennis courts, a stadium with capacity of five thousand-people, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts are available to students at Kafkas University. Each year, a sports festival is held with exciting competitions in various fields of sports with hundreds of student competitors.


Kars is two-hour far from Istanbul, one hour far from Ankara by plane. It is at the same time a major hub of the Baku-Tbilisi-Turkish  railway network, and can be reached from nearly any part of the Middle Asia by train.

Central Campus, which consists of most of the administrative and education departments, is situated on the road to Erzurum, which runs through the outskirts of the city. Transport to the campus is easily attained through private transportations and minibuses throughout the day. On sunny days, however, many students walking to campus.


Apart from these facilities, students can also have access to Bank Branches, Shopping Centers, and Phones, Phones, and Postal Services on Campus.



All students are admitted to Kafkas University based on their scores on a placement test called the University Entrance Exam held by the Center for Assessment, Selection and Placement. The students, who wish to register for the School of Physical Education and Sports, for Faculty of fine Arts, and for the School, for Faculty of Fine Arts, and for the School of Music and Drama, need to take a Special Talent Examination to be eligible for the registration. Moreover; the Foreign Students, who wish to study in Turkey, needs to take a similar examination held by individual universities. Places check the official web site for further information: www.kafkas.edu.tr


An Academic Year consists of two semesters including 14 weeks each. Fall Semester begins at the second week of September and ends in January. Spring Semester begins in February and ends in June. The Academic Calendar for the applied sciences, e.g. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Medicine commences earlier and ends later that that of the other faculties. 


Summer School is a natural part of the Education Programme in Kafkas University. This Programme carried out during the summer break, could be available upon the request of the faculties and the schools.