About Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University (KHAS) was founded in 1997, in Istanbul. The university, with its five undergraduate faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics Administrative and Social Sciences, Communication, Law and Art and Design as well as its Graduate Schools of Social Sciences and Technical Sciences and Vocational and Applied Schools is dedicated to become a leader in Turkish education and culture, and strives to become an international center for research and scientific development.

Kadir Has University is the place where history and contemporary Istanbul life is blended to create a perfect academic atmosphere.Located in the heart of Istanbul, out main Cibali campus stands on the crossroads of old and new city, only a few minutes away both from the historical Sultanahmet Square and Taksim- the famous Istanbul's center of culture, entertainment, business, and shopping. The central location of the university offers an important opportunity for our students to stay connected to the beaming life of Istanbul. 

In 2002 the historical Tekel Cibali Cigarette Factory was transformed by the Kadir Has Foundation into an institution of higher learning.  Now the new campus combines elegant facades, sunny atria, and large, airy interiors with quality education and research facilities.

Why Kadir Has University?

It is not the only central location and modern campus what attract students from all around the world to choose Kadir Has University to be a study destination. Our distinguishing feature is the education approach based on both traditional disciplines and interdisciplinary models; here at Kadir Has we foster the skills necessary for continuing social and cultural development; and, while helping students prepare for the future, we encourage their search for higher truths.

To help our students become global citizens we:

•          Use English language medium of education;

•          Implement international standards of quality education;

•          Attract faculty members from internationally respected universities;

•          Offer our students exchange opportunities with prominent foreign universities

•          Give them an option to obtain both Turkish and foreign degrees though our dual degree programs.

•          Foster our students to freely express their opinions and produce creative ideas;

•          Focus on positive human relations and a democratic environment for intellectual discussion

•          Give students access to our advanced technological facilities and intellectual resources;

•          Encourage students’ participation in social responsibility projects that contribute to the environment and to society, and motivate them to be responsible citizens.

Our ultimate goal is to see our graduates as successful scholars and fulfilled individuals, and true leaders of our society.

Diversity at Kadir Has University

Living in the multimillion city gives you an opportunity to embrace the concept of diversity. Here, at Kadir Has University international exchange and Erasmus students, full time international students and visiting foreign professors, Turkish students from different parts of Istanbul and other cities think, act, dress, and talk in their own unique way, and the differing ideas and points of view they bring to the classroom are a big part of what makes Kadir Has University such an interesting place.

Our International Exchange Programs Unit provides services to international students, houses study-abroad programs, and sponsors events that will allow you to experience cultures from all over the world.