Izmir Katip Çelebi University (IKCU) named after the famous Ottoman scientist who lived in the 17th century and IKCU was established at 2011 in the third largest city of Turkey.

Izmir has been located at the long narrow gulf of west Anatolian peninsula for 8500 years and has a typical Mediterranean climate. Herodotus defined Izmir several thousand years ago as “They built their city to a place where the best climate and the most beautiful sky in the world present “

The contemporary city merges art, culture, tourism, trade, and industry further the city reflects westernized face of the modern Turkey.

IKCU aims to be one of the leading universities in Turkey with its 9 faculties, 3 graduate schools, 1 vocational school, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research facilities, internationally recognized dynamic eminent scientists, 100% English medium undergraduate and graduate programs, and international collaborations. 

IKCU emphasizes the importance of synchronization at global level and adapts to changes at international level. Therefore, IKCU is seeking collaboration with academic partners for scientific and cultural purposes. For this reason, IKCU brings scientists and students together both locally and internationally.

IKCU is willing to provide information, communication and human power at intellectual level to the students to raise a student who will continuously making research and develop himself to be competitive and to be on the global education platform with up to date information. IKCU targets graduate students who have excellent abilities and skills like fluent knowledge of English.