İstanbul University: Science Bridge from the Past into the Future

Where is İstanbul University?

The university’s buildings, initially established in the historical fabric of Beyazıt and the vicinity, have spread out over time to various parts of İstanbul. Currently, education continues in eight campuses (Beyazıt, Avcılar, Çapa, Cerrahpaşa, Bakırköy, Bahçeköy, Şişli and Kadıköy). The campuses were set up so as to meet the accomodation, sustenance, technological infrastructure, social and sports needs of the students. Over 108,000 students are being attended to by around 15,000 administrative and academic staff.



About İstanbul University

İstanbul University, the first university in Turkey, is in service with its more than 108,000 students and over 15,000 administrative and academic staff.

İstanbul University has been the locomotive of Turkey’s higher education with its 20 faculties, 8 graduate schools, 16 institutes, 5 departments and 20 Research and Application Centers under the Rectorate, and 37 Research and Application Centers under the faculties. İstanbul University, which led the way in many areas, has kept abreast with new developments thanks to its changing and evolving structure, and has become a model for a number of new universities with its progressive and modern thinking.

İstanbul University also enjoys a privileged place among the universities with its museums, libraries and buildings. The Central Library, the first university library in our country, and the affiliated Rare Books Library are among these. These two centers, together with the faculty libraries, meet the needs of students and academics, and feature many works, periodicals, books, encyclopedias, photo albums, dissertations and various collections.

The Central Campus in Beyazıt enjoys a particular importance with its Historical Gate, Palaces, Central Building, Astronomy Building, Atatürk and Youth Monument and the Beyazıt Fire Tower. The garden, having the outlook of a natural botanical garden, houses a number of tree and bird species.

Social Facilities

The total designated bed capacity of the student dormitories in İstanbul is about 40.000. 22.000 of this capacity belong to private and foundation universities. The rest is shared half and half by the Institution of Credit and Student Dormitory and private sector dormitories.

It is possible to find apartments with prices ranging between 500 - 800 USD in the distrcits like Fatih, Kocamustafapaşa and Fındıkzade which placed around İstanbul University. In the center of Fatih, rents are between 500 up to 800 USD. While rents are 600 - 800 USD in Kocamustafapaşa, in Findikzade rents are 550 to 800 USD. Students can rent apartments in the districts like Bahçelievler, Bakırköy, Avcılar, Şirinevler for 400 - 1300 USD, who study at the Avcilar Campus of İstanbul University. Students who study and/ or prefer Anatolian Side of İstanbul for living, can find apartments -15 cheaper in comparison with the students who study in the European Side.

The Cheapest and the Best Quality Meal for Students in Turkey is at İstanbul University İstanbul University strives to provide students with healthy and economical food on campus. For this reason, since 2009, students are offered breakfast, lunch and dinner in the 17 dining halls. The cheapest and best quality meal among the Turkish universities is being provided at our university. Selection of food to be served is done by dieticians and prepared under hygienic conditions. All the food is tested in 5 different kitchens, before being served to students at a reasonable price. The students who attend evening courses and those living in residences are separately served dinner. Apart from the student restaurants averagely attended by 15,000 students daily, there are numerous cafes and canteens in all faculties and schools where students can also eat at their own discretion.

In line with its modern educational approach, İstanbul University, along with a high quality education, supports social, cultural and artistic events organized by students. İstanbul University extends support to all sort of cultural, artistic and social activities geared towards raising fully equipped students. There are hundreds of student clubs on cinema, theatre, computers, marbling, mountaineering, law, business, diplomacy, photography and such topics. Students organize events either through their faculties or through the Student Culture Centers at Beyazıt and Avcılar Campuses.

While adding color to the university with the common events they host, student clubs also host international events with clubs from other universities including foreign ones.

İstanbul University also organizes the “İstanbul University Spring Festival” every year for its students. The spring festivals are arranged by the student clubs under the coordination of an Organization Committee assigned by the Public Relations Office. Students get to participate in cultural, artistic and sports activities for a week that bring color and fun to the university campus.

The İstanbul University offers all sort of support to its students who are successful but in need in order to meet their basic needs for education. On top of the scholarships provided by our university, we inform the Administration of Scholarships and Dormitories for Higher Education of the needy students, in order to provide them with scholarships all calendar year round. Additionally, we offer opportunities for students who wish to work at their educational institution in the field of their study, with the “Part-time Student Employment Program.” Students work 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week, in order to gain working experience while making additional money. The İstanbul University provides the students who qualify for a BA program at the İstanbul University after scoring among the top 200 in the University Entrance Exam with a monthly scholarship of TRY 300.00, a laptop computer, free food in all university student restaurants and free accomodation.

Students are welcome to make use of the five Medico-Social Centers in different units of the university, as well as the health services provided by the İstanbul Faculty of Medicine and Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, both of which are rooted institutions of our country.

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