Istanbul Commerce University, running on with the motto “think globally”, is a non-profit private university established by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, one of the most important chambers of Istanbul.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce established in 1882, as the most significant body of the business world in Istanbul, shares its rooted experience with Istanbul Commerce University. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, one of the important chambers of the World, adapt its higher education strategies based on experience to the University for the near future that the relationships among countries, foundations and societies expeditiously globalized are becoming intense. The University offers a wide variety of bachelor, master and PhD degree programs, which include both traditional with theoretical studies and contemporary with new programs of today’s modern and global world.

Istanbul Commerce University is not only a distinguished Turkish University but also a Global experience Campus which provides its students with a wide range of international study opportunities from US to China. The University cooperates with more than 75 partner institutions from all over the world.

ICU hosts a growing number of international degree-seeking and exchange students in its three campuses in the city. The International Office delivers support services to international degree-seeking and exchange students during their application and throughout their studies.

The students have the opportunity to get together with the actors of the business world and to see different business models and cultures of the different areas of the world on site, through the model “Global Experience Campus” involving to develop academically global business experience and to transfer it to the University. Hence, these students getting the advantage of recognition of different business cultures, is the prospective managers and leaders of the global business world in the future.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students have the opportunity to participate in short-term programmes, long-term programmes, the studies of international institutions for applied training, and to make use of the experiences of the actors in real business life.