Dear students, we would like to welcome you to our international student admissions. You are here because you are considering to be an international student at IZU. Studying in a university is not only about gaining a profession or a diploma. Your choice of university will shape you future. University will give you a worldview and mission. They are among the most important institutions that shape your life and your identity. You should consider a variety of things starting from which country to study in. You should choose a city and a location in that city. You will choose a campus where you will find accommodation. The university must be the one, which provides you with opportunities that prepares you for business.

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, apart from guiding you in obtaining an excellent education with a great background and knowledge, uses every means available in order to help you become individuals who develop projects that are of the country’s as well as everyone’s benefits. IZU’s vision of international students is raising capable leaders for a new world.

Although our university has been founded 'recently', it is a long-established institution in terms of its intellectual background and experience. We are young people who will shape the future with an approach that embraces our history and culture. Our goal is to educate and train young people who are able to connect the past with the future, blend the local and the universal and build a balance between tradition and the modern in their fields. We will attain this bright future, departing from our dignified past, with leaders and scientist who have foregoing skills and attributes.

Outstanding opportunities that IZU offers

Scholarship for success

IZU offers students with merit various range of scholarships. None of the international applicants is accepted with full tuition fee. Every IZU international has at least 25% tuition fee waived. Students can also get rates of scholarships when they get more than 3.40 gpa and within the first 5 in their grade. Additionally, there are monthly stipends who are both successful and in need. There is also an oppurtunity to get scholarship for staying at IZU Guesthouses.

Campus Life

IZU campus is where historical arhictecture meets environment's green. You can enjoy walking among trees and laying down on the grass throughout your time at IZU. You can join in sports competitions in the open and closed sports centers. You can stay at IZU guesthouses, dormitories. Many cafetaries will provide you social atmosphere around the campus. But you may find it difficult and confusing to find your way to your classroom in such a vast area. 

Complimentary Minor and Double Major Degrees

Academic achievement, as is the case in many other respects, also provides means and opportunity for obtaining diplomas in two different areas of study or a certificate for a minor program. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University offers the opportunity for its successful students with a complimentary second diploma where they can present high performance with their academic merits and achievements.

Student Exchange Programs

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, thanks to partnership agreements and exchange programs with the world’s leading universities, gives its students the chance to have lifetime social and academic experiences and moments.

Guidance and Advice

Those who guide you should know you better and have knowledge of your capabilities, expectations, capacities and objectives. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, while preparing its students for real life, prepares them in the most efficient way for the future thanks to their guiding counselors.

Employment after graduation

In order to increase the level of employability of our students during their education and afterwards, the Career Development Center was founded. By bringing together employers our students periodically, we attach great importance and conduct the best effort to enhance to our students’ employability and recruitment during their education and before they graduate. 

Easy Accessibility and Commute

Far away from ambient noises but close to the city center, it is easy to commute to our university, just 5 km. away from Istanbul ringroad and Ataturk Airport, from any location in Istanbul. Presently with Metrobus lines, IETT lines, public bus lines, and from 2015 with Marmaray subway, you can travel to the campus.

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