Istanbul Kültür University(IKÜ) is a private non-profit university providing a public service, established in 1997 by the Kultur Educational Foundation as the ultimate accomplishment of a deep-rooted 70-year tradition. IKU is an urban university acknowledged by YÖK (The Council of Higher Education in Turkey) and supported financially by the state of Turkish Republic. IKU aims to maintain international academic relations of high standards, and is based on the tradition of resounding academic success and quality.

IKÜ is an international university with extensive experience working with international partners and students.

IKÜ has a community of more than 28.000 (14.000 alumni/14.000 current students) of which 7% are international students from all over the globe.

Istanbul is an important, vibrant and modern city with a wealth of cultural heritage. It is renowned for its hospitality-great food and night life. Istanbul is affordable, liveable, culturally diverse and friendly city. By being part of the IKU family you will get advanced coursework and reserach to solve today’s issues and help build a stronger global community.

1.1.Location and Campus

Istanbul Kültür University is located in Istanbul which is the Turkey’s most populated and largest city as well as being the cultural and financial center. It is the only city in the word built on two continents. It stands on the shore of Bosphorus where the waters of the Black Sea combine with those of the Marmara Sea and the Golden Horn.

Istanbul Kültür University is located at the heart of business and residential districts with 3 campuses which are located within a 20 minute walk form each other and within 10 minutes from the dormitories. All campuses have cafeterias/dining services. The university is located within an easy reach of Atatürk International Airport and a 5-minute walk from bus/metrobus stops and metro station which gives students an easy access to the city centre.

Istanbul Kultur University operates on three campuses: Ataköy, Şirinevler, and İncirli. The offices, classrooms and laboratories in the buildings of Şirinevler Campus, which is an urban university in style, are built and furnished attentively. In addition to the Şirinevler Campus, the new Ataköy Campus covers an area of 65,000m2 in total (40,000m2 indoor, 25,000m2 outdoor) and was put into service in the academic year 2004-2005. Besides the halls for scientific, social and cultural activities, there is a sports complex on the campus, too. By 2010, a new campus of 6000m2 has been introduced for students of the Vocational Schools.

As well asn our 3 city campuses, students benefit from being close to the international airport, the city ceter and accessibility to all forms of public transportation.

İKÜ proudly works with the State Theatre Co and stages many local and international plays. IKU has a Concert Hall for national and international stars and homes to high profile T.V. programs and talent shows.

1.2 Libraries, Computing Services and Research

The University’s computer laboratories are equipped with the highest technology and they hold internationally recognized certificates. Each Faculty has its own computer labratory which provides computer access for all students. Wireless internet access is available throughout all campuses. There are 3 libraries, 40 laboratories, 20 studios, 2 Auditoriums, an infirmary with doctors and nurses as well as 6 cafeterias for students on campus. One at the Ataköy Campus, the other is at the Şirinevler Campus.

IKU’s membership in a variety of academic publishing and research systems such as JSTOR, EBSCO, ACM Digital Library, Beckonline, MathSciNet, Springer and Science Direct, Taylor&Francis enables academic staff and students to access academic research databases and keep up with worldwide academic developments on daily basis.  

Active research projects are run at Istanbul Kültür University. Below are some of the current projects;


-Nanotechnology/polymere science

-STEM studies in Education


-Early childhood Education

-Brain Cognition

-Psychological disorders

-Cancer Studies

-Plant biotechnology

-Human Genetics

-Global Political Science


-Gender Studies

-Science Education

-Environmental Pollution studies

-Virtual reality and diagnosis of diseases

-Software engineering


1.3 Facilities

IKU’s facilities include outdoor sports fields, the Kulturium Lounge (with chess, back – gammon, billard, TV and music), libraries, electronic libraries, wireless internet access, a variety of cafes and restaurants, a beauty parlor, computer labs, studios, an infirmary, dormitories and a bank branch. Furthermore, there are more than 30 student clubs avaliable: Astronomy, Chess, Bridge, Music, Dancing, Drama, Photography, Folklore, Erasmus Club... etc. Moreover, the university owns three dormitories, one for male students and two for female students. Moreover, there are agreements between the University and some private dormitories.

1.4 Internationalization

As the result of mutual collaboration agreements with the universities of the EU member states, the USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and Asia, the students and faculty of Istanbul Kultur University are able to follow every development in scientific, cultural and educational fields, and make maximum use of these improvements.

Within the scope of these agreements, students of Istanbul Kültür University can study at a university abroad for an academic year as an exchange student. The graduates of our Vocational Schools who want to continue their education abroad in an undergraduate programme acquire the right to complete their undrgraduate programmes with partner universities in the USA.

ECTS Credit System has been implemented in all Programs since 2011. Programs are accredited by National Accreditation Boards within the Framework of European Qualifications Erasmus+European Internship Consortia and strong network with companies throughout Europe.

Istanbul Kültür University Engineering programmes are accredited by EUR-ACE Bachelor (European-Accredited Engineering Bachelor Degree Programme) and PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council).

Other national accreditations are by MİAK (Architecture), MÜDEK (Engineering) and FEDEK (Science and Literature).

1.5 Research

At IKU, there are many Reasearch and Application Centers namely, Brain Dynamics Dynamics, Cognition and Complex Systems, Career, Criminal Law, Distance Learning, Disability – Accessibility, Economics and Finance, Fine Arts, Family Enterprises and Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality and Women’s Studies, Geomatics, Global Political Trends Center, Institutional and Sectoral Analysis, Intellectual Property Rights, Life Long Learning, Operational Research, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Research and Development, SME Development and Competition, Scientific Research Projects.  Practice capacity is important at IKU. For this purpose fully equipped laboratories are avaliable for research on civil, electronic and computer engineering, chemistry, phsysics, molecular biology and genetics, interior design, architecture, art, communication studies and psychology.

1.6 Dormitories

The student dormitories at Istanbul Kültür University provides a secure, clean, comfortable and civilized environment for students. Social activities are organized in the dormitories to contribute to students' success.

Our dormitories are located on the Şirinevler Campus, which is within a 15-minute walking distance from Ataköy Campus. In addition, there is a shuttle service between the campuses every 20 minutes. Double rooms, triple rooms and quadruple rooms are available.


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