Where is Istanbul Science University ?

İstanbul is one of Europe 's largest metropolitan area and the most developed city of Turkey . Having 49 universities and the biggest number of college and university students in Turkey , also one of Europe’s cities that has the richest cultural and artistic activities . 2000 years of history of which you will find the traces everywhere , 2010 European Capital of Culture, will fascinate you with its cultural heritage and historical texture.

For local transportation; you can use  metro , Metrobus , tram, bus and ferry  .

For Intercity transport;  you can use  airplanes , trains, fast trains, buses or ferries .


For International transportation ; there are 2 Airports , which have flights to all the European cities.you can easily find a flight.

Istanbul has generally temperate climate . Four seasons in the year you won’t see extreme temperatures  in the city .

for further information about Istanbul: www.istanbul.gov.tr is

About Istanbul Science  University

Istanbul Science  University is Turkey's first University of Health . As the heir of a 20-year tradition of hospital, our Faculty of Medicine , is considered one of the most distinguished faculties of medicine of our country . In addition, Faculty of Medicine that trains all the staff  required for the community health, Faculty of Science and literature Department of Psychology and Molecular Biology and Genetics , School of Nursing of the Hospital of Florence Nightingale, , Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation , Nutrition and Dietetics , Midwifery, Health Institutions Management and the School of Health , Health Sciences and Social Sciences Institute, Emergency and First Aid , Perfusion Techniques , Surgical Technician , Physiotherapy Technician , Medical Imaging Techniques , Anesthesia , Medical Laboratory Techniques , Medical Documentation and Secretary , Health institute Management , Home Patient Care , every year is selected by our qualified and informed students as a priority .

Academic Infrastructure

With 2 Institute and five research and training center, at Istanbul Science  University, work nationally and internationally experienced and well educated, 225 teaching members and also the country's leading science and art people in their area serve as a lecturer in the relevant units .

All in Unit laboratories, workshops and studios equipped with the most advanced devices in education , all kinds of tools and materials that are required for the application is provided .

Social amenities

For lodging you can choose the state and private dormitories, aparts that are located in the city center.
In the dining hall at the University you can eat in a healthy and economical way . In addition, you can eat in the school cafeteries and in the restaurants and cafes near the university.

At İstanbul Science  University students can get a membership in any of twenty student clubs that they like and can participate in the activities.

For more information, please refer to our university's Information Package