Istanbul Aydin University-IAU was founded in 2003 as an outstanding higher education center in order to introduce high quality graduates to the business world. Today, the university has 10 faculties, 3 graduate schools, 3 institutes, 15 research centers. IAU, the most preferred foundation university for the last 7 years in Turkey.

Istanbul Aydin University offers wide range of programs in order to provide modern and diversive education opportunities. The teaching language in most departments is English. The programs are taught by the strong, experienced, equipped, and knowledgeable academic educators of the country. The university diplomas are recognized by European Union and extended region of Eurpean Higher Education. 

Istanbul Aydin University aims to create individuals with diverse values, constantly improving themselves with critical and ethical approaches, equipped with leadership qualities. Today our university has 775 academicians and 617 administrators providing the best possible opportunities to our 26,725 students, which makes Istanbul Aydin University the biggest foundation university in Turkey.

IAU collaborates with so many agencies and organizations by suggestions of academic and initiatives of their team, universities from abroad, higher education institutions, research institutes, such as civil society organizations. This collaboration has compass double degree diploma, research projects, summer schools, seminars, conference and publishing partners. In addition, exchange the students, faculty and administrative staff and training programs with Erasmus agreements.    

The Eurasian Association of Universities (Euras) was founded with the leadership of IAU, with support members and the organization of universities and in operation language courses, summer seminars, student exchange programs, research projects, carries out studies in areas such as the award-winning science projects. IAU is also a member of Mediterranean Universities Union (Unimed)

IAU, social and natural sciences within the field of international studies, and also member of with Standing Committee for the Euro Mediterranean Partnership of Local and Regional Authorities (COPPEM), International Urban Development Association (INTA), Eco-Friendly Technologies (ATQ), The UN Refugee Agency (BMMYK), local municipalities ,Turkish Association For Fighting Smoking(TSSD), Turkish Franchise Association(UFRAD).

Istanbul Aydin University help students with professional and personal development skills, valuable cooperations with business sectors, applied training, international relations, 2+2, 2+0, within the  international as well as diploma programs in support of certification programs to prepare them for the future.