About İnönü University

Malatya attracts attention with the apricot cultivation along with the national leaders raised in the bosom of Malatya. Our city takes its position among prominent cities with its centuries old history, cultural wealth, natural beauties, strong economy and high education rate.

Malatya is the junction point of Anatolia, 659 km far to Ankara and 113 km far to İstanbul. It is possible to reach Malatya with airway, railway or by bus and in Malatya you can use bus, metro or just go on food anywhere in the centre.

The education system of İnönü University is based on the participatory learning and creative teaching principles. The academic year and the duration of the studies vary because we include many diverse fields and disciplines of study. Seminars, conferences, educational visits and that kind of parallel activities organized by the departments of our university enrich the education process. İnönü University keeps adding new students to “Global Campus” with the study abroad opportunities and the technological world-class education system.

Academic Infrastructure

İnönü University established in 1975 is a state university and is the trademark of Malatya and will turn into 40th academic year in the 2014-2015 education season. İnönü University incorporates 13 Faculties, 5 Institutes, 3 Graduate Schools, 1 School of Music and Drama, 12 Vocational Schools, 23 Research and Application Centers

With 1500 nationally and internationally experienced instructors students have chance to study in laboratories, workshops and studios which are  equipped with the most advanced equipment.

Social Facilities

For accommodation students can choose the government dormitories, special dormitories and aparts. You can find cheap and healthy food at the cafeteria located in the campus. There are also restaurants, cafes and canteens on campus. You can watch the festival films at Cinema and the plays at Theater on campus. You will breathe the dynamic air during spring festivals. Concerts, festivals, conferences, seminars… All the things that you can add to your life besides your education is at İnönü University.

700 person capacity indoor sports hall, 6500 person capacity football pitch, 7 basketball and volleyball courts, 1 open and 1 closed swimming pool all ready to serve an active, sportive university life opportunity to students.

For further information please visit our Info Pack (http://katalog.inonu.edu.tr/)