Where is Iğdır University?

Pain in the foothills of the mountain is dominated by green and blue that are installed in the quaint city of Igdir University, every day there are reciprocal flights to Istanbul and Ankara. Igdir; 2 hours by plane to Istanbul, Ankara is 1 hour away. Igdir University administrative units and academic units is a major part of the city center. Students with an average of 10 minutes walking distance from the city center can go.

See the link for detailed information: www.igdir.edu.tr

About Iğdır University

Iğdır university, which dates back to Vocational School of igdır established within the body of Kafkas University in 1995, started to provide formal education on May 22nd, 2008 with the assignment of Prof. Dr. İbrahim Hakkı YILMAZ as the president.

With the foundation of Iğdır University, Vocational School of Igdir and Faculty of Agriculture were included to the body of Iğdır University. The university has had a rapid development process with the help of the city residents and administers, and maintained to shed light on education in Iğdır province and its vicinity. For the time being, Iğdir University maintains education with seven faculties, namely Faculties of Agriculture, Theology, Engineering, Science-Literature, Economic and Administrative Sciences, Fine Arts and Tourism. Meanwhile, our university aims to provide high quality education with four vocational schools, namely Iğdır Vocational School, Vocational School of Health Services, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, and Vocational School of Tuzluca; and the School of Physical Education and Sports

Academic Infrastructure

In Iğdır University, many scientific studies and research are conducted within the body of the Graduate Schools of Science, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences, and Research and Practice Centers of Mount Ararat, Ja’fari (Twelvers), Agriculture and Environmental Problems.  The number of students has reached to 3877, and academic and administrative staff numbers are 218 and 216.

The library of Iğdır University was founded with the purpose of providing library materials and services necessary for teaching, learning, research and investigation activities of the students and academic and administrative staff.

Our library, serving with the purpose of meeting the information need of the students and staff, provides resources primarily to the researchers studying within the body of the university and to public and business researchers, as well.

The library of Iğdır University can now meet the information need of students and researchers with numerous printed and electronic resources in its collection.

Social Facilities

All students of our university are included within General Health Insurance. Moreover, the unit of handicapped students within the body of Health, Culture and Sports Department provides extra facilities for the handicapped students.

The branch of Sports in The Department of Health, Culture and Sports attends to sports competitions held by Turkish university sports federation, with the aim of protecting and improving physical and mental health conditions of the students and also helping them socialize. The traditional springs festivals held by The Department of Health, Culture and Sports every year also include sport competitions among students, and academic and administrative staff.

Student clubs

In our university, many students clubs work actively in accordance with their foundation purposes and the social and cultural areas they address. The Department of Health, Culture and Sports provide opportunities for any activities organized by these clubs. The names of the student clubs of Iğdır University are as follows:

1) Ideal Youth Club

2) The Green Crescent Club

3) The Living Quran  Club

4) Photography and Cinema club

5) Culture and art of theology club

6) Folklore club

7) The Bridge club

8) Social movements club

9) Tourism and research club

10) Literature club

11) Youth food club

12) Iğdır University theatre club

13) Music fest and fun club