Our university takes its name from Hittite Civilization, which has a history of thousands of years in Anatolia. Our university aims to develop a scrutinizing, participative, sharing, unique and modern education culture which produces universal information, technology and trains individuals who are competent and have respect to social values and environment.  

In this sense, our university aims to foster creative learning in problem solving in order to train individuals who have leadership spirit and take humanistic values into consideration so that they can contribute to the social development. This is to be done not only by producing original ideas but also learning and sharing together.  Thus, Hitit University focuses on bilateral agreements, multilateral projects and subjects.

Until 2006, the university was affiliated to Gazi University. However, with the decision of the Council of Ministers and the Higher Education Institution, a new university was established under the name of Hitit University and existing educational units were affiliated to this newly founded university in 2006. 

Now, Hitit University continues education with its 3 graduate schools, 8 faculties, 2 schools and 7 vocational schools. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Divinity, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture are the eight faculties of the university. The university also includes Health School, School of Physical Education and Sports, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Vocational School of Social Sciences, Alaca Avni Çelik Vocational School, Iskilip Vocational School, Sungurlu Vocational School and Osmancık Ömer Derindere Vocational School.  Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Science and Technology were opened in 2008 and started accepting students in the spring term of the same year. As of 2010, Iskilip Vocational School started to offer associate programs and as of 2011 Alaca Vocational School started education.  In line with the Council of Ministers’11/03/2013 dated and 2013/4459 numbered decision, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts proposal was approved and the decision was published in the official gazette.

With its experienced staff, existing physical facilities and excitement of being a newly established university, Hitit University continues its activities with enthusiasm.  Aiming to keep continual growth and development, our university plans to introduce new research institutions and departments.