Gumushane University

Including 2 institutes, 6 Faculties, 2 Colleges ,8 Vocational High Schools and 4 Application and Research Centers with over 500 young and dynamic faculty members, teaching activities to approximately 14,000 students are fulfilled actively.

In recent completed buildings, all kinds of social and scientific activities required for education and training are carried out in the latest technological classrooms and auditoriums.

Through the student exchange programmes in international levels, Gumushane University open to all kinds of cooperation, will be happy to welcome both students and academicians  with the new infrastructure and young, dynamic staff.

Student Exchange Programmes

Thorough Erasmus- Mevlana – Farabi Exchange Programmes, national and international higher education institutions, business sectors, non-governmental organizations and related associations, ensuring collaboration, Project preparation, carrying out student and staff exchange programmes are continued in International Relations Office.

Regarding to Bologna Process, the Diploma Supplement Label Application in 2013, was evaluated and approved by the European Commission. In this context, Gumushane University is entitled to receive Diploma Supplement Label which is one of the most important stages in Bologna Process. DS Label, given to the students as a complementary document to the student’ diplomas provides international academic and professional recognition. As of this year, graduates will receive the Diploma Supplement approved by the European Commission in addition to their diplomas. Thus, our graduates will be able to apply for a job directly in 47 countries in the EU Field of Education both with their diplomas and Diploma Supplements.

Social Life

In Gumushane University; health, culture, sports, food, shelter, and guidance and counseling services are offered.17 students social clubs are provided for students in order to protect their rights and social development within the team by means of social, cultural, educational and sportive activities.

There are so many housing opportunities in Gumushane such as dormitories, and houses for rent.

Besides clean and affordable eating services in the dining hall, university canteens, restaurants and cafes around can be chosen either. Games and entertainment halls, restaurants, market, stationery, grocery, hair dresser, tailors offer services. In addition to these, as free time activities, you can spend time in the Olympic pool, football pitch, volleyball and tennis courts and fitness center.