İstanbul Gedik University

İstanbul Gedik University is a part of Gedik Education Foundation (GEF) was established by Gedik Holding to contribute both to the education of the nation and to the development of the welding technology in Turkey on September 7, 1994. The mission of this university is to develop university-industry cooperation and make a quality contribution to employment as a Research & Development university.

Gedik Education Foundation considered all the initiatives that it took and the effort that it put as public duty. In this framework, Gedik Education Foundation has done a lot of multi dimensional work in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, institutions of Higher Education and establishments of the private sector ever since it was established. Gedik Education Foundation has successfully completed many projects such as schools, dormitories, vocational education centers and educational establishments providing services for the disabled.

Gedik Education Foundation, which has offered internationally accredited education in the fields of welding engineering, non destructive testing and finance, has established İstanbul Gedik University. The system of İstanbul Gedik University is based on hands-on training. Aiming to educate students with self-esteem in the field,İstanbul Gedik University guarantees to provide high quality educationwhich is  nationally and internationally effective. This education  is in accordance with the “vocational competence” criteria. One of the top priority objectives of İstanbul Gedik University is to educate students having the necessary qualifications and effective working skills which are in demand in the national and international competitive environment.

Faculties of Engineering, Fine Arts and Architecture, Sports Sciences and Economics and Administrative Sciences; School of Foreign Languages and Vocational School with its 18 programs; and Institutes of Physical Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Sciences are parts of İstanbul Gedik University.

İstanbul Gedik University continues to provide education and training at its 4 Campuses located in Kartal, Pendik-Kurtköy, Tuzla-Aydınlı and Kurtköy-Çamlık regions. İstanbul Gedik University has a total of 30.000 square meters of closed space in these four campuses. Transportation from one campus to another is provided by the university. Two dormitories for female and male students began to provide services in the Tuzla Aydınlı Campus during 2012-2013 Academic Year.

İstanbul Gedik University has a distinguished place amongst universities with its Faculty of Sports Sciences. The university  gives importance  to various sports, social and cultural activities and supports the personal development of its students.

İstanbul Gedik University was established to educate qualified personnel and administrators who have broad vision by offering hands-on training geared to meet the needs of the 21st Century that is needed by professions and aims to provide a good future to its students by offering on-the-job training, employment opportunities and international education programs, such as welding engineering, after graduation.

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Gedik Vocational School

Gedik Holding has established Gedik Vocational School of Higher Education with the help of the decision of the Cabinet dated June 4, 2010 with the intention of transfering the experiences accumulated over the years to future generations and  educating young people equipped with vocational knowledge and skills that meet world standards.

Our School of Higher Education is providing education in 18 programs. It has undertaken the mission to announce its prospective achievements with the addition of new programs,instructors and  the graduates who will be successful anywhere in the world.



İstanbul Gedik University has a Physics Laboratory that was established with the purpose of helping the students of the Faculty of Engineering to understand the basic concepts and principles of physics easier.İstanbul Gedik University also has a Training  Laboratory which meets the needs of fields such as Electricity and Electronics containing state-of-the-art application and experiment sets.İstanbul Gedik University also has an Automation Laboratory which was established with the purpose of performing the applications of Hydraulic-Pneumatic and Automation courses.

There is an advanced machining workshop is used by fields such as Machine, Mechatronics and Industrial Molding and contains such machine tools as lathes, milling machines and grinding machines. There is a state-of-the-art hydrolic-pneumatic and automation laboratory that is used by these fields. İstanbul Gedik University also has a developed computer laboratory which is used by technical fields to teach design software with Solidworks and Autocad leading the way. There is a Chemistry Food Laboratory was established with the purpose of educating employees who have the vocational competencies of chemistry and food technologists whose qualifications are in line with the developments in science and technology. Our fully equipped computer laboratories are  are located in our Kartal and Pendik Campuses and they are available for the use of all students. The laboratories of Gedik Holding are used to provide hands-on training for the Welding Technology and Non Destructive Testing Programs.



İstanbul Gedik University Dormitory accommodates 200 students with its two blocks. All rooms are furnished with a bed and study unit, a bookcase, a wardrobe, a shoe cupboard and internet access.


Sports Facilities and Social-Cultural Activities

Not only the students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences but also the studenst of other faculties benefit from the Camlik Sports Facilities located in the district of Pendik, There are 2 AstroTurf Fields, 2 Volleyball Fields and 2 Tennis Courts in these facilities in addition to an indoor Basketball Court, an outdoor Basketball Court, a Football Field, a Track with a Tartan Surface, along with a play ground for kids, a cafeteria, administrative units and an autopark which has a capacity of 150 vehicles.

Various clubs such as a dance club, a sports club and a social responsibility club have been established with the purpose of supporting the social, cultural and art related activities of our students. Additionally, any type of conferences, panels, symposiums, congresses, theaters and concerts can be held at the auditorium located in the Pendik Campus of our university which has a capacity of 450 seats.


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Scholarship Opportunities

Tuition fee can be paid in ten monthly installments with the first one being paid during registration provided that a loan contract has been signed in accordance with the procedures of a bank where the University has announced that the payments will be made. There is a 10% discount for cash payments.

Scholarships offered to students who are placed in the scholarship quota listed in the Student Selection and Placement Center exam guide. These scholarships cover 25%, 50% and 100% of tuition fees. The scholarships are provided throughout the normal education-training period including the one year compulsory foreign language preparatory class as it is stated in the Law of Higher Education numbered 2547.

10% discount is offered for cash payments, to brothers/sisters (to one of the brothers/sisters attending the university) and to the employees of Gedik Holding and their children. 25% discount is offered to national sportsmen and women.

According to the İstanbul Gedik University Education Scholarship Directive Achievement and Sports, Art and Culture Scholarships are provided to students, who demonstrate outstanding achievement, to go into effect in the following academic year This is realized to encourage the determination of our students to study and to reward them for their successes.

İstanbul Gedik University is offering sports scholarships to outstanding players who study at the University. The scholarships, which will cover full international tuition fees, are open to individuals from abroad.

Supporting student athletes in their concurrent pursuit of academic and sporting excellence is a key factor of the sporting success that the İstanbul Gedik University enjoys. All sports, whether at the elite or inter-faculty level, is managed by the professional staff at İstanbul Gedik University. They are assisted by a team of specialist coaches, administrators and associated volunteers.


Lifelong Education, Application and Research Center

İstanbul Gedik University Lifelong Education, Application and Research Center organizes programs that create job opportunities for those people who want to improve themselves in different fields. The center offers programs  raising equipped and qualified employees  that would meet the demands of the instituitons. .

Education is offered by experienced academics and sector professionals who are specialists in their own fields. In this education, time is set aside for workbench studies, case studies and sample cases that are application-oriented as well as for teaching theoretical knowledge. In addition to all these, practical education can be designed to meet the needs that may be encountered in different subject matters as well as the needs that can arise from within the institution.

Lifelong Education, Application and Research Center provides consultation services to institutions and establishments within the scope of its mission and vision. This is realized with the help of business partnershipswith the leaders of the sector and of academics who are specialized in their fields. This Center also creates models providing solutions that will enable establishments to continuously improve themselves and, eventually, to become permanent organizations even under tough competition conditions. 


European Union Application and Research Center

İstanbul Gedik University European Union Application and Research Center was established as part of İstanbul Gedik University Office of the Rector in 2013. Educating public and private sector employees about the European Union, organizing activities in which the public is informed about the European Union, cooperating with other national and international universities on the subject of the European Union and coming up with joint projects and molding public opinion about Turkey and the European Union are amongst the intentions of the Center.


Asian Studies Application and Research Center

İstanbul Gedik University Asian Studies Application and Research Center is one of the premier institutions for the study of Asia in Turkey.İstanbul Gedik University Asian Studies Application and Research Center promotes teaching and research on Asia in all disciplines and professional programs. The Center sponsors a wide variety of activities including academic seminars and colloquia series, public lectures, cultural events, and other programs that facilitate deeper understanding of the Asia region. It is the mission of the Center to foster interaction among the academic, business, and professional communities on issues related to Asia.


Robotics Application and Research Center

The objective of the Center is to implement interdisciplinary scientific studies with the purposes of keeping up with and applying the technological developments that take place in any topic covered by robotics and to develop new designs.

Sports Sciences Research and Application Center

Human Rights Application and Research Center 

Women Entrepreneurship Application and Research Center

Women and Social Gender Studies Application and Research Center

Welding Technology Application and Research Center 

Architecture and Urban Design Application and Research Center

Underwater Technologies Application and Research Center


International Relations Unit

Our university participates in the Erasmus Student and Personnel Mobility Program as of 2012-2013 Academic Year by receiving Erasmus University Charter. Our university, which has the objective of educating individuals who have the knowledge and skills that are necessitated by the modern age, values the Erasmus Program very highly. 

Other Scientific Bilateral Agreements:


Library and Documentation Center

İstanbul Gedik University Library and Documentation Center began to operate with the purposes of supporting education-training and research activities and meeting the information-document needs of students, academic staff and personnel in any environment.

Library and Documentation Center is made up of two libraries. The first Library and Documentation Center, Prof. Selahattin Anık Library which is located at the Pendik Campus was established in 2010. The second libary, Central Library was established in 2012.