İstanbul Gedik University

İstanbul Gedik University is a part of Gedik Education Foundation (GEF) established by Gedik Holding on September 7, 1994 to contribute to the development of the welding technology in Turkey.

Gedik Education Foundation has done a lot of multi dimensional work in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, institutions of Higher Education and establishments of the private sector ever since it was established. Gedik Education Foundation has successfully completed many projects such as schools, dormitories, vocational education centers and educational establishments also providing services for the handicapped. 

Gedik Education Foundation, which has offered internationally accredited education in the fields of welding engineering, non destructive testing and finance, has established İstanbul Gedik University. The system of İstanbul Gedik University is based on hands-on training. Aiming to educate students with self-esteem in the field, İstanbul Gedik University guarantees to provide high quality education which is nationally and internationally effective. This education  is in accordance with the “vocational competence” criteria. One of the top priority objectives of İstanbul  Gedik University is to train students to help them to acquaire the necessary  qualifications and effective working skills that are in demand in the national and international competitive environment.

Faculties of Engineering, Fine Arts and Architecture, Sports Sciences and Economics and Administrative Sciences, School of Foreign Languages and Vocational School with its 23 programs; and Institutes of Physical Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Sciences are parts of İstanbul Gedik University.

İstanbul Gedik University continues to provide education and training at its 4 Campuses located in Kartal, Pendik-Kurtköy, Tuzla-Aydınlı and Kurtköy-Çamlık regions.İstanbul Gedik University has a total of 30.000 square meters of closed space in these four campuses. Transportation from one campus to another is provided by the university. Two dormitories, one for female students and the other for male students, began to provide services in the Tuzla Aydınlı Campus in the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

İstanbul Gedik University has a distinguished place amongst Turkish universities with its Faculty of Sports Sciences. The university  gives importance  to various sports, social and cultural activities and supports physical development of its student body.

İstanbul Gedik University aims to educate qualified personnel and administrators who have broad vision by offering hands-on training geared to meet the needs of Turkey in the 21st Century that is needed by professions. İstanbul Gedik University provides this training by using modern technologies. The mission of this university is to develop university-industry cooperation and make a quality contribution to employment as a Research & Development university. This university aims to provide a good future to its students by offering on-the-job training, employment opportunities and international education programs, such as welding engineering, after graduation. Additionally, it has earned the right to receive Erasmus University Charter.İstanbul  Gedik University aims to contribute to the information focused on social and technological development by providing the services of Lifelong Education, Application and Research Center.

About Vocational School

Gedik holding which has gained a respectable position both in the country and worldwide by its leading companies in industry sectors since 1963. We aim to use our years of experience as resource to train young people in the most demanded jobs  with the professional knowledge and skills in the international standards.  Our vocational school. was founded  with the decision of council of ministers taken  on the date 06.07.2010 by Gedik Education and Social Welfare Foundation. Our Vocational School, with 23 ongoing programs and additional new programs and teaching staff each year is committed to provide our graduates with achievements in Turkey and abroad as its duty. 


As university-industry cooperation is important for İstanbul Gedik University, students of Graduate School of Science, Faculty of Engineering, and Vocational High School use the laboratories of the university and the laboratories that exist at Gedik Holding.

Graduate and undergraduate students of Faculty of Engineering and students of Graduate School of Science are already using the laboratories in Aydınlı campus. Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronics, Materials and Metallography Laboratories are also available.

A wide range of R & D activities including robotics, automation and underwater robotic systems are carried out at Robotics Application and Research Center.

Also, there are physics and chemistry laboratories which enable students to be fully equipped and qualified engineers and technicians for professional life.

Students of Faculty of Engineering and Vocational High School can use the laboratory which conducts destructive and non-destructive tests. For the practical training of the students of Welding Technology and Non- Destructive Inspection program, students use the Welding Workshop that exists within Gedik Holding.

In addition, at the Vocational High School, there is an electrical & electronics laboratory equipped with modern experimental sets, where students can conduct experiments.

For fields such as Mechanical, Mechatronics and Industrial Molding there is a Machining Workshop where there are milling and grinder workshops. Also for technical fields there is a very developed computer laboratory for design programs such as Solidworks and Autocad. Hydraulic - Pneumatic & automation is another laboratory that serves these fields.

In Kartal, Pendik and Aydınlı campuses there are highly developed computer laboratories which all Faculties and schools, and students can benefit from.

 Besides all facilities of the university, practical training and internships in the real production conditions are available.

Accommodation Facilities

 İstanbul Gedik University offers the opportunity to live  in modern and safe dormitory or guest house for the university students coming from outside the city to prevent them from the housing problem in İstanbul. There are two guesthouses available in Aydınlı campus, one for male the other for female students. Rooms at the guesthouse may vary from rooms for a single student to rooms for 5 students. All facilities are present at the guesthouse. Students can benefit from bathrooms fridges, wardrobe, wired and wireless internet, telephone and television all inclusive. Also there are study rooms, laundry and ironing rooms

Since the campus and the dormitory are close to the Sabiha Gökçen Airport, students coming from other cities to reach the dormitory in a short time and easily

Sports Facilities

Camlik Sports Complex, located in the district of Pendik, is available for the use of the students of both the Faculty of Sports Sciences and the university. There are 2 AstroTurf fields, 2 Volleyball Fields and 2 Tennis Courts. In addition to an indoor Basketball Court, an outdoor Basketball Court, there is a synthetic football pitch, with the capacity of 1500 seats for regional leagues. A Track with a Tartan Surface, along with a playground for kids, a cafeteria, administrative units and a car park which has a capacity of 150 vehicles are available at the complex.

Students of Faculty of Sports Science  practice and conduct  basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics , educational games, dance, drama, and fitness classes , gym   at the gym center. Football and various disciplines  of athletics are conducted in  football pitches and athletics field.

Halil Kaya Gedik games which all students participate in  take place in the same center.

The project for the disabled between the age of 0-24 ”I am in the Active Society” is conducted by Faculty of Sports Science  and is carried out in Dolayoba Sport Complex provided by Pendik Municipality

Why to Choose Gedik University?

Worldwide, experienced teaching Staff

Embodiment of the University-Industry Collaboration

Active use of Gedik Holding laboratory

R & D center in Techno park Istanbul

International study opportunities via programs such as ERASMUS and AIESEC

Broad scholarship throughout school years

Internships and job Opportunities

Comfortable and safe dormitory (guesthouse)

Green and disabled friendly campus

Easy access to campus

Discounts and Scholarship Principles

5% discount for cash payments , 10% sibling discount for one of the siblings attending the university

10% discount  for  Gedik Holding and  Gedik University employees and their children
10 % discount  for students graduated from Halil Kaya Gedik Anatolian Technical and Vocational High with scholarship, and 25 % discount for those who have to pay full tuition fee.
25% discount for  the national sportsmen

25% discount for  the students who have placed Gedik University in the first three choice

25 % for students who have graduated from Private High Schools and Private Anatolian Vocational Schools in İstanbul.

75% discount for the Vertikal Transfer  candidates  from Gedik Vocational High School

and 50 % for Vertical Transfer candidates from other universities.

Students who rank in the first five thousand students as the result of University Placement exam are given 50 % Halil Kaya Gedik scholarship if they prefer Gedik University and if they are paid students.

Full scholarship for the children of martyr and veterans (Ghazi) as many as the full scholarship  quota of the relevant departments and programs.

Asian Studies Research and Application Center
European Union Research and Application Center
Life Long Learning Research and Application Center
Robotics Technologies Research and Application Center
Sports Sciences Research and Application Center
Human Rights Application and Research Center
Women Entrepreneurship Application and Research Center
Women and Social Gender Studies Application and Research Center
Welding Technology Application and Research Center
Architecture and Urban Design Application and Research Center
Underwater Technologies Application and Research Center

International Relations and Erasmus Office

Students of İstanbul Gedik University have the possibility to study at one of the universities which we have Erasmus agreement with for 1 or 2 semesters within one academic year. The students who benefit from Erasmus exchange program get grants from European Commission for their expenses while they study abroad

Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar / Weimar, Germany

Latvian Academy of Sport Education / Riga, Latvia

Lithuainian Sports University / Kaunas, Lithuania

Radom Academy of Economics / Radom, Poland

Universidade De Beira Interior / Covilha, Portugal

Universita Degli Studi Di Bari Aldo Moro / Bari, Italy

Haaga-Helia Ammattikokeakoulu / Vierumaki, Finland

Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I) of Athens / Athens, Greece

Instituto Superior de Educaçao e Ciencias (ISEC) / Lisbon, Portugal

University of Ljubljana / Ljubljana, Slovenia 

University of Crete / Crete, Greece

Universidade de Aveiro / Aveiro, Portekiz

Lublin University of Technology / Lublin, Poland

Univerzita Palackeho v. Olomouci / Olomouc, Czech Republic

Instituto Politecnico do Porto Escola Superior de Educaçao do Porto / Porto, Portugal

Perugia University / Perugia, Italy

Rezekne Academy of Technologies / Rezekne, Latvia

University College of Enterprise and Administration (WSPA) / Lublin, Poland

International University of Struga / Struga, Macedonia

Goce Delcev University / Stip, Macedonia 

National Sports Academy Vasil Levski / Sofia, Bulgaria

Except for Erasmus program, we have bilateral agreement based on educational and scientific exchange with the following universities

The University of California, Riverside /  U.S.A

California University of Pennsylvania  / USA

Azerbaijan Technical University. AZERBAIJAN

Nakhchivan Private University/ AZERBAIJAN

Tianjin University of Technology / Tianjin, CHINA

Danish Technological Institute / Denmark

Korea Aerospace University / Goyang , South Korea

Girne American University / Kyrenia , Northern  Cyprus

Euro - Mediterranean University / Portoroz, Slovenia