The University of Gaziantep was founded as a state university in 27 June 1987, but higher education on campus began as early as 1973 when the institute was an extention campus of the Middle East Technical University.
Objectives The University of Gaziantep has always tried to train its students as enlightened, research-minded, scientifically-oriented graduates of good character. The main objectives of the University are:
- Cultural, scientific, technical, medical and vocational education and training,
- Fundamental and applied research,
- Development of perspectives with respect to social issues, responsibilities and ethics,
- Technical, scientific and cultural exchanges with similar institutions at national and international levels,
- Professional adaptation to our rapidly changing society and the world in general, with particular attention to European Higher Education Area,
- Contribution to the development of Turkey.

University of Gaziantep is a state university institution subject to the same laws as those governing other universities in Turkey. It is supported mainly by state funds allocated by the Turkish Parliament. The administration of the University is implemented according to the Law on Higher Education. The formal head of the University is the Rector. The Rector implements the resolutions of the governing bodies of higher education, review and decide on the proposals of university boards and ensure coordination among organizations attached to the university. The University Senate, is the chief academic body at the university level and responsible for coordinating the academic activities of the University.
Assocations & Accreditation: The University of Gaziantep is an individual full member of European University Association. Also the University has “Diploma Supplement Label”.
As an international university, we have about 1500 foreign students. Our foreign students are from 75 different countries.

Presently, we  have 1.306 academical staff . Also in our professional life, our priorty is to be global. In that case, some of our academical staffs are from USA, United Kingdom, Thailand, Greece,…
 Education is maintained at fifteen  faculties, three higher schools, a conservatory, nine vocational schools of higher education, three graduate schools. In Department of English Language and  Literature, Engineering Faculties and master degree of ortodonty department, our academical language is English. For the other programs, academical language is in Turkish.


Faculty of Engineering,
Faculty of Medicine,
Faculty of Arts and Sciences,
Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences,
Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in Islahiye,
Faculty of Education,
Faculty of Education in Nizip,
Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences
 Faculty of Architecture,
Faculty of Theology,
Faculty of Communications
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Fine Arts
The State Conservatory of Turkish Music
Higher Educational Schools and Vocational Schools
Higher School of Physical Education and Sports,
Gaziantep Higher School of Health,
Higher School of Foreign Language,
Vocational School of  Higher Education For Tourism and Hotel Management,
Vocational School of Higher Education in Besni
Vocational School of Higher Education in Nizip,
Vocational School of Higher Education in Oguzeli,
Vocational School of Higher Education in Gaziantep,
Naci Topçuoğlu Vocational School of Higher Education.

Gaziantep University Engineering Faculty is accredited since 2013. Students of  these departments, Food Engineering, Textil Engineering, Physics Engineerin, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical-Electronic Engineering and Civil Engineering, do an internship program by accredited firms, in their last academic semester. Thereby, they get used to work in a professional life before being graduated.
Gaziantep University accept their students by a central exam. But foreign students are accepted by different international exams. ( Al Shadad Al-Thanawiye, SAT I, Tawjihi, GCE, ACT, International Baccalaureates,…)
About the International Relations Office
The Office coordinates student exchange programs within the scope of Erasmus programme currently with 18 countries in Europe and through Bilateral Agreements with many universities around the world.
The Office takes active role in European Voluntary Service (EVS) as sending, hosting and coordinating organisation, in Youth Exchange and in Youth Initiatives within the scope of Youth in Action Programme.
Life is an social construction; in that case we promote conferences, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and sporting events. Moreover our students have the opportunity to participate in the social responsibility projects.As Gaziantep University, we aim to contribute in universal knowledge while strengthening  the light of science by providing the fundaments  for researchers and scientists in a free and efficient areas.  Expanding horizons of science, art and culture is Gaziantep University’s main tenets.
We invite you to join us on the way of education, which is the key of a succesful life…