Where is Gazi University?

Gazi University is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. It is a civic university with 8 campuses around Ankara; Beşevler, Emek, Maltepe, Gölbaşı, Çubuk, Ostim and Polatlı.

As the capital city; Ankara is the heart of the state. Also Ankara is the center of higher education and with 18 universities; student population affects the city in more social and alive way.  

Arrived in Ankara; you will see a cozy, lively and eventful city despite its continental climate. It is cold and snowy in winter and hot and dry in summer; on the other hand you will find opportunity to see the history, old civilizations’ and Turkish Republic’s first monuments as well as cultural and social activities yearlong.

You can visit www.ankara.gov.tr for detailed information about Ankara.

A Brief History of Gazi University                   

Gazi University is one of the few universities whose history dates back to 1920s. Right after the declaration of the Turkish Republic, 'Teacher Training School' was established in 1926 by the directive of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In 1929, the name of the school was changed as 'Gazi Teacher Training School' and it served under this name for many years.

In 1976, it was renamed as 'Gazi Institute of Education', which was converted to Gazi University in 1982. Under the roof of this new institution, Gazi Faculty of Education, which was known as Gazi Institute of Education; Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which was known as Ankara Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences; Faculty of Medicine, which was originally founded to meet Ankara’s need of doctors and health staff; Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacology, which were known as Schools of Dentistry and Pharmacology; and Faculty of Communications, renamed from Schools of Journalism and Public Relations, continued education. Ankara Academy of State Engineering and Architecture was also included under the roof of Gazi University, with the new name of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. 

When Gazi University was first built, it had 9 faculties, 12 schools and 4 institutes, but the number of academic units has increased rapidly. Today, Gazi University, with its 20 faculties, 5 schools, 11 vocational schools, 51 research centres and 7 institutes carry out research and education activities. Gazi University, which is one of the best 500 universities of the world, provides the quality education with the motto of “It is a privilege to be a Gazi graduate”.

Today, Gazi University has 21 faculties, 1 Turkish Music State Conservatory, 7 institutes, 5 schools and 11 vocational schools. According to 2013 university examination results; Gazi University is the most preferred university in Turkey.

Academic Structure

Gazi University has 45 Research and Application Centers. With more than 4.000 academic staff; Gazi has made great strides in science and education. With lots of protocols and assignments; Gazi University has partnerships with other universities both in Turkey and around the world, state institutions, private corporations and industrial enterprises. These partnerships provide a wide range of research and development area for both academic staff and students.

Gazi University has a Technopark located in Gölbaşı campus. It is established in 2007 and provides the best quality and most cost-effective world-class technopark services to technology-based companies that mainly deal with R&D and software development.

You can visit http://www.gaziteknopark.com.tr/eng/default.asp for further information.

With Project Coordination Implementation and Research Center established in 2010; Lifelong Learning Programmes (Leonardo da Vinci, Gruntvig, Comenius), Youth Programmes and 7. Framework Programmes are executed and managed. The aim of Project Center is to increase the utilization rate of national / international  funds of Gazi University, to enhance the quality and number of the scientific and social projects, to provide the consultation about the project regarding the  public and private sectors,  to facilitate the accessibility of the grant resources for the instructor and to provide  the coordination  of the projects carried out within the university.

You can visit http://proje.gazi.edu.tr/ for further information.

Gazi University restructured Technology Transfer Office in 2013 to combine academic information and industrial opportunities. Selected as one of the first 10 projects, which are supported by TÜBİTAK 1513 Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) Support Program, Gazi TTO continues to develop projects and support scientific enhancements.

You can visit http://gazitto.com/default.aspx/38 for further information.

Social Life in Gazi University

You will never have difficulty in terms of accomodation as Gazi University is a civic university. There are lots of government and private dormitories in the neighborhood of the university within walking distance. Also you can easily find and rent a flat with your friends as Ankara is also known as “the student city”.

Gazi University offers the cheapest food in Turkey. You can have 4 different kinds of meal for 1 TL (~33 cents) Also you can find different alternatives in campus cafeterias and near to the campuses.

Gazi University focused on student satisfaction and happiness as stated in its motto. You can join any of 112 student communities that are organized by an Advisor to the Rector.

Gazi provides free one-day cultural trips for students. You can register for one of 6 different destinations every Monday and travel with university buses, free tour guides and pay for nothing. Destinations are Istanbul, Cappadocia, Amasra, Safranbolu, Konya and Beypazarı.

There is a theatre in our Central Library. You can also see the most popular movies with free pop-corn!

Especially in the Beşevler – Rectorate Campus; you can attend sports classes such as tennis and make use of the different sports facilities and olympic pool.

Every summer; Gazi University organizes a free summer festival with the most popular singers, groups and activities for four days. These are just a couple of benefits that you can make use of during your educational life in Gazi University.

For further information; please visit http://gbp.gazi.edu.tr//?lang=1&baslik=1

Gazi University also uses social media effectively to reach students. You can find us here: