Elazığ..A city of civilizations in which the culture, history and the nature come together. Located in the Eastern Anatolian Region, along with its history dated back to 2000 B.C, its cultural richness enlightening the whole Anatolia, with its rare natural beauty and modern city structure, Elazığ is the shining star of Eastern Anatolia.

Elazığ, which has hosted several civilizations throughout the history, now has a modern science and education center, Fırat University. Fırat University contributes not only to Elazığ but to the development of all the region as well.

Fırat University is always trying to be a leader university which is well-respected in national and international platforms aiming to contribute to the goal of going beyond the contemporary  civilization level as shown by Atatürk, with its education and researches done there as well as sustaining its position of being the most bright star of Eastern Anatolia.

Having provided thousands of gradauted students with several occupations in its 37-year old history, Fırat University is still one of the best University in its region with its more than 30.000  students, including 1545 Academic and total 2950 staff ,a large area reaching to 6.5 Million m2. 

Fırat University lectures in every basic academic programs both in Undergradute and Graduate levels as well as conducting researches in all main branches covering the all ranges of Academic activity. Fırat University presents a rich and bright academic environment intending to provide its students both an intellectual development and the occupational knowledge and skills as well.

According to the latest 2012 data of URAP, a research laboratory evaluating the academic performance of universities for developing scientific methods; Fırat University had a great success by ranking 16th among the Public Universities and 6th among the Engineering Faculties.

Having founded in 2007 with a 3500 m2 of indoor area, FIRAT TEKNOKENT has provided excellent opportunities for technology development in Fırat University by hosting 30 R&D companies and 35 staff contuniously working on developing new projects .

Having begun its academic life with faculty of Science and Letters, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering Faculty, Fırat university now has expanded its development and currently it has 4 Graduate Schools, 13 Faculties, 3 Schools, 9 Vocational High Schools and 1 State Concervatory along with more than 20 Research Centers.

At Fırat University, undergrdadute education is given in Faculties of Education, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Divinity, Communication, Engineering, Architecture, Fisheries, Technical Education, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Architecture and  Schools of Physical Education and Sports, Elazığ School of Health and State Conservatory.  Graduate and Post Gradaute Educations are given in Physical Sciences, Health and Social Sciences Graduate Schools.

In addition, high-quality associate degree edcution is given in Baskil, Karakoçan, Kovancılar, Maden, Health Services, Sivrice, Social Sciences, Keban and Technical Sciences Vocational High Schools.

Fırat University sends its faculty and students abroad with international programs funded by  European Union such as Erasmus,Commenius,Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci,Youth,Marie Curie and IAESTE for several periods of time. With similar programs, academic staff and students from EU member countries visit our university. In this sense,Fırat University has the most EU granted budget of all the universities located in this region.

Fırat University is not only a degree-giving education institution. In addtion to social and cultural opportunities provided for its students, it is one of the top universities in Turkey with its multi purpose social and sporting facilities.

All types of health problems of its studets, can be solved in its modern hospital. Fırat University Hospital which is research and application center of Medical Faculty providess its students and staff a healthy life since 1984. 

Our university logo is a form of carpet figüre. We know that, all our friends, all our students who are joined and together with us, will be a part of that figüre and they will weave Anatolia like an embroidery.

Here is Elazığ, here is Fırat University, here is a modern, safe and warm education home in the center of Ancient Civilizations.

Rising Sun of the East. .This is the Fırat Unviersity.