Fabrika-i Hümayun was founded in Bursa to produce silk carpets and fabrics for the Ottoman palaces in the middle of the 19th century. Fabrika-i Humayun did not only ornament palaces, but also it dressed many European diplomats and courtiers.


The main building used as a tobacco warehouse during the Republican period is the only structure, which has survived until today.

Fabrika-i Hümayun was launched in 1852 as a product of the country’s industrialization efforts by the state. Fabrika-i Hümayun, opened within the framework of the development of Turkish industry, is situated by Cilimboz River in Muradiye neighborhood where silk production and weaving dealt with traditionally in Bursa.


Fabrika-i Hümayun, which consists of four different buildings, is a social complex with its almost 4500m² areas, it is a very valuable art of architecture work of the 19th century.

Historical Fabrika-i Hümayun building, restored by keeping the original design and whose space of use was increased to 8.000 m², is now a house of education and art.

Faruk Saraç Vocational School of Design students have been having lessons in this historical place since 2010. Faruk Saraç students make their dreams real in this unique educational institution.



Why Faruk Saraç Vocational School of Design

  1. Because you will benefit from the professional experiences of Faruk Saraç.
  2. Because you will study at Turkey’s first Vocational School of Design.
  3.  Because you will meet Fashion Management education in Turkey for the first time.
  4. Because you will get your education with the latest technology.
  5. Because you will have the possibility to communicate with sector one to one.
  6. Because you will be able to create your own trademark
  7. Because famous designers will be your teachers.
  8. Because you will be able to have the possibilities of complete your degree with Pearson BTEC ‘s (Edexcel) international collaborations.
  9. Because you will receive training from the most competent academic staff of Turkey.
  10. Because you will study in a historical place, Fabrika-i Hümayun.
  11. Because YOU will give direction to fashion and trends.
  12. Because you will create your own fashion show.
  13. Because you will be footprints of fashion reaching out the future.