Where is Erzincan University?

Erzincan bordering Bayburt, Tunceli, Erzurum, Elazığ, Malatya and Sivas has a direct land route connection with Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Erzurum, Tunceli and Sivas. The city is covering 11.903 square meter (11.903 sqm) is in the East of Turkey, and therefore under the influence of continental climate. However, suprisingly, Erzincan is warm when compared to the other cities in the region. As a result of that warm weather, except the citrus fruits, almost all kinds of fruit is grown and a great amount of agriculture income is provided by the fruit growing.

Erzincan with the population of 210.00 takes its place as in the East part of Turkey  an Anatolian city. The population of the city center is  90.100.

About Erzincan University

The foundation of Erzincan University is laid upon Erzincan Vocational School and Erzincan School of Education which were first constituted in 1976, depending on the Ministry of Education, and then joined Atatürk University upon the Decree-Law No:4.

On March 11,2006 and pursuant to the Law No:5467, Erzincan University was founded.

With respect to the Decree of Council of Ministers No:2006/111.05, the new campus consists of 1225 decares  in the area of Yalnızbağ which is 12 km away to Sivas highway and additional estates likely to be assigned in the future.

17069 students are enrolled and and it is giving education with its 745 academic staff, together with its 374 administrative staff.


Our primary mission is to bring up individuals who have superior abilities and always follow the values and the aims of Turkey without ignoring science and mind by giving human-oriented education; and to contribute to the sustainable development of the region and Turkey by providing science and technology at international level; and to work on the problems which are facing our society.


Our vision is to be a world university in Anatolia.


Respect for Humanity: Erzincan University staff adopts human-centered work as principle for each other and all people they provide service.

Sensibility to community's problems: Erzincan University staffs are sensible to the highest level for the problems of the society, region and country in which they live.

Scientific authenticity and freedom: Scientists at Erzincan University take it as a principle to respect scientific ethics in all academic activities to solve humanity's problems in the region and in the country.

Justice and Equality: Erzincan University administration and employees act respecting justice and equality in all services provided.

Searching for perfection: Erzincan University always aims perfection in services, education and scientific works provided.

Universality:  Erzincan University predicates universal values on science, education and community service. 

Environmental Awareness: Erzincan University employees are highly susceptible to the protection of the environment and natural balance.

Social Facilities

It is possible for students to make different activities in Erzincan. Erzincan University guides the students to activities such as winter sports, rafting, climbing, camping, paragliding and fishing which are available in Erzincan.

Academic Foundation

Erzincan University is quite developed with its 9 faculties, 3 institutes, 5 colleges, 11 vocational schools, 8 research centers, 10 coordination offices in terms of technical and physical conditions.