The Balcalı Campus of the Çukurova University, established on a 20 thousand decares land on the east coast of the Seyhan Dam Reservoir Lake, is a natural park area with an impressive view. Located at a distance of only 10 km to the city center, the university is one of the top universities of our country with its modern infrastructure and modern facilities to respond to all needs of students and employees. Established in 1973, the Çukurova University is among the top 500 in World University rankings and is among the top 5 in our country. The Adana Faculty of Agriculture established in 1969 under Ankara University and the Çukurova Faculty of Medicine established in 1972 under Erzurum Atatürk University constitute the core educational institutions of the Çukurova University. Starting off with two faculties, today the university consists of 16 Faculties, 5 Academies, 13 Vocational Academies, 1 State Conservatory, 3 Institutes and 25 Research and Application Centers. A total of 1900 Academic Personnel are employed at the Çukurova University for the education and training of a total of 44000 students, consisting of 38000 undergraduate and associate degree students and more than 4100 graduate and PhD students.


The university has modern classrooms and lecture halls to ensure students to be able to attend lessons under comfortable and suitable conditions. The lecture hall is named after Prof. Dr. Mithat Özsan and consists of two halls with 450 and 150 seat capacities and has all necessary technical equipment for scientific and cultural activities. The Prof. Dr. Mithat Özsan Lecture Hall also hosts exhibitions with its 450 people capacity broad foyer. The Faculty of Agriculture Akif Kansu Hall hosts scientific and cultural activities with its capacity of 150 seats, while the multi-purpose 120 seat Afife Jale Hall with a rotary stage serves as an important site for art events. The Hipokrat Conference Hall with 360 seats is located in the Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital. The 3.500 people capacity Open Air Theatre in the campus has a modern architecture and is used for various activities, especially concerts and plays. 


Along with the most important hospital complex of the region, the campus area also includes the medico-social unit, housing units, social facilities, guest houses, halls and fields for all sports branches, kindergarten, market, cafeterias providing lunch to students and employees, cafes, buffets and canteens, postal and phone service units, bank branches, a printing house with modern equipment and a central library. Thus all needs of students and employees are met. The Çukurova University Central Library has an indoor area of 12 thousand meter squares and has a capacity of 800 readers. It is one of the 12 European Union Documentation Centers in Turkey. 


The Fevzi Çakmak Dormitory under the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution, having a bed capacity of 2,812, consisting of 1,296 beds for girls and 1,516 beds for boys, is located inside the Balcalı Campus of the university, where thousands of students are enrolled each year. There are also dormitories outside the campus at the city centrum that provide all kinds of facilities for students. Students also benefit from private dormitories and dormitories under the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution at the province of Osmaniye and district of Ceyhan, where the academies are located. The dormitories in Osmaniye under the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution have a total capacity of 356 beds, consisting of 246 for girls and 110 for boys; and the dormitories in the Ceyhan district of Adana have a total capacity of 501 beds, consisting of 171 for girls and 330 for boys. Also, a decision has been taken for the construction of a 1000 capacity dormitory in the Çukurova University campus, as a result of common studies made by the Çukurova University and the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. 


The Çukurova University attaches great importance to social and cultural activities as it does to education-training and scientific studies. Under this scope, many cultural activities are organized, such as conferences, seminars, panels, congresses, symposiums, performances, exhibitions, plays and concerts. The Culture and Art Center operating under the Faculty of Fine Arts under the University Rector's Office and the Directorate of Health Culture and Sports, provides opportunity to students to spend their spare time according to their fields of interest, guides them to new fields and provides resting and entertainment facilities. Students applying to the Department of Fine Arts and the Culture and Art Center are given education in various branches of art by expert and experienced lecturers to develop their skills. Students have the opportunity to both express themselves and share their talents with their friends and university staff, with the end of year activities they prepare in their student societies. Students have the opportunity to choose courses from the following programs during an academic semester: Turkish Folk Music, Turkish Classical Music, Baglama, Folklore, Folk Dances, Wind Instruments, Tambour, Ud, Kanun, Piano, Pop Guitar, Classical Guitar, Vocal, Painting, Decorative Arts, Art History, Leather Craft, Photography, Drama and Cinema. Culture and Art Center building also houses rooms of the Student Council and student clubs and students have the opportunity to freely express themselves and show their creativity. 


The Çukurova University has adopted the principle of physical and spiritual fitness for students and thus has gymnasiums, indoor pool, football fields, tennis courts, outdoor volleyball and basketball fields. The facilities are also provided for the benefit of people outside the university. The university includes the Sakıp Sabancı Sports and Exhibition Center, with an indoor area of 5600 meter squares and having telescopic seating with a capacity of 3.500 people. The hall has been constructed to be suitable for concerts and various organizations, as well as sports events. The Özdemir Sabancı Indoor Swimming Pool in the Balcalı Campus is one of the most modern facilities of the region, constructed by the Hacı Ömer Sabancı Foundation (VAKSA). Except for the indoor swimming pool, the Balcalı Campus includes gymnasiums, grass and astroturf football pitches, volleyball and basketball fields, tennis courts and athletic fields, together with a boathouse at the coast of the Seyhan Dam Reservoir Lake. 


Located on the coast of the Seyhan Dam Reservoir Lake in the campus among pine trees and with an unmatched view, the Social Facilities consist of guest houses and broad dining halls. Guests of social, scientific and cultural activities of the university can be accommodated at the Social Facilities guest house, which has 12 rooms and 24 beds, meeting all needs of guests. The university also has a modern guest house with a capacity of 50 beds. 


In the University, the Medico-social Unit provides service to protect physical and spiritual health of students and employees. Also, there is the Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital with a capacity of 1250 beds and providing service to an average of 2100 patients daily. Specialist doctors provide service in the fields of gynecological diseases and gynecology dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery, urology, pediatry, family medicine and periodontology in the center which provides health services, psychological counseling and guidance and social services. Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychological counselors are also employed in the center. Ambulatory treatment is provided to persons who apply to the center for health service and patients are transferred to other health institutions, especially the Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital in cases that require more advanced diagnosis and treatment. Also, students of Dentistry and Faculty of Medicine in the high risk group are vaccinated against Hepatitis B. The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit provides solutions about problems of students regarding university conformance, personality, family, friends and education. This unit also applies individual, group and family therapy to persons with psychological problems. Social service experts employed in the Social Services Unit provide service by generating solutions to problems such as education, accommodation and nutrition.