Name of the University: Cankiri Karatekin University

Rector: Prof. Dr. Hasan AYRANCI

Date of Establishment: 2007

City: Çankırı

Country: Turkey




Faculty of Letters: Archaeology, Western Languages, Information and Document Management, Geography, Eastern Languages, Educational Sciences, Philosophy, Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literatur

Faculty of Science: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics,
Mathematics (English)

Faculty of Fine Arts: Painting, Graphic Design, Cinema and Television, Ceramics,
Sculpture, Music Technologies, Textile Design    

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences: Economics, Business Administration, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration

Faculty of Engineering: Electricity and Electronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemistry Engineering

Faculty of Forestry: Forest Engineering, Forest Industry Engineering, Landscape Architecture


Institute of Natural Sciences

Institute of Social Sciences

Institute of Fine Arts

Institute of Turkology     



School of Health: Nursing


Vocational Colleges

Technical and Business College : 

Departments and Programmes

Computer Technologies Department

Machine and Metal Technologies Department

Construction Technology Department

Electric and Energy Department

Electronics and Automation Department

Material and Material Processing Department

Management and Organization Department

Accounting and Tax Department

Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services Department

Finance, Bank and Insurance Department

Office Management and Secretary Department 

Kızılırmak Vocational College: Organic Agriculture, Seed Growing, Medical and Aromatic Plants, Landscape and Ornamental Plants

Yapraklı Vocational College: B Plant Conservation, Gardening Agriculture, Medical and Aromatic Plants, Hand Crafts, Water and Water Products, Private Security Services, Office Management and Executive Assistance

Eldivan Health Services Vocational College: Nursing and Care Services, Medical Services and Techniques

Total Number of Students: 9111

Language of Instruction: Turkish

Total Number of Academic Staff: 501

Professor (14), Associate Professor (25), Assistant Professor (142), Lecturer (104), Research Assistant (171), Instructor (23), Expert (21), Translator (1)

Total Number of Administrative Staff: 288

University Dorms and Capacity: A female dormitory of 570 bed capacity (located in Cankırı City Centre) A dormitory of 120 bed capacity (in Cankiri Kızılırmak Province)

General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency Dorms and Capacity: A dormitory facility with 864 bed capacity, (432 male and 432 female)


Cankırı Karatekin University Uluyazı Campus construction took start in October, 2009.
Constructions of Rectorate Building, Central Lecture and Amphitheatre Buildings of 8000sqm in two blocks, also in two blocks Faculty of Science Building and Faculty Cafeteria of 12000sqm, Faculty of Engineering Building, Faculty of Letters and Faculty Cafeteria of 8500sqm, Campus Dining Hall of 6391sqm and the General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency Student Dormitory with 1000 bed capacity is currently completed.    

Construction of an Indoor Sports Hall of 9500sqm, Laboratory Facility of 3300sqm, a Mosque with a capacity of 3000 people and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is planned to be completed by the end of the 2013.

Following the completion of infrastructure works, landscape and environmental planning and design is currently continuing. Also, 48 meters wide road open solely to pedestrian traffic is undergoing forestation efforts and asphalting of the periphery road for the campus is finalized.

Besides being a modern campus, Uluyazi is a campus, where the disabled can enjoy their educational and social life. In addition to the special walking paths, ramps and signalization systems, each building is equipped with voice activated smart elevators for the sight and walking disabled.

International Education Opportunities

Foreign Language Education is also one of the priorities of our university. In International Language Learning Centre established in cooperation with New Zealand Waiariki Institute of Technology, Native Speakers of English from New Zealand and United States of America are teaching.

Exchange Programmes with Higher Education Institutions in United States such as Delaware University, Lehigh University, Northampton Engineering Research and Practice Centre, Maryland University and Howard University.

A two-week Technical and Cultural Travel Programme to United States for our students.

A three-week student exchange programme continuing for the last six years between Cankiri Karatekin University Technical and Business College and Colleges in United States.

Cankiri Karatekin University was awarded with an Extended University Charter for the Erasmus Programme run by The Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency in 18/12/2009 with the decision  under the reference number (09) 389838. Within Erasmus Exchange Programme, students of Cankiri Karatekin University are offered to study abroad at various universities in Europe.

Contact Information:

Cankiri Karatekin University

Ismail Hakki Karadayi Cd. No: 10

Zip Code: 18100 CANKIRI TURKEY