Having an enormous historical and cultural heritage, Sivas is a 5,000-year-old Anatolian city. According to the written historical sources, the region of Sivas province was first inhabited during the period of the Hittite civilization. The region then encountered the reign of Phrygian, Lydian, Persian, Roman, Seljukian, Macedonian, and Ottoman civilizations. In 1473, the city was acquired by Mehmed the conqueror after the battle of Otlukbeli and became an eyalet of Ottoman Empire.  The foundations of the modern Turkish Republic were laid in the Sivas Congress assembled in 4 September 1919 in this city at the Presidency of Atatürk.  The province of Sivas is a cultural center with all its archeological, historical monuments and its cultural and immovable historical assets stemming from this historical process.

Cumhuriyet University

Cumhuriyet University was established in Sivas Province in 1974. Celebrating its 40th Anniversary of the Establishment, Cumhuriyet University is one of the distinguished and known universities of Turkey. It is a public university that that offers a promising future to its students with its improving technological background, awarded international labels and notable education.  Cumhuriyet University accepts students to 16 faculties, 4 institutes, 5 high schools, 14 vocational schools and 1 conservatoire and offers 30 doctoral, 57 postgraduate, 83 undergraduate, 138 associate degrees by 1657 academic and 1655 administrative staff. In addition, there is a technocity that generates science and technology with its worldwide projects within the framework of university industry collaboration and 20 research centers with modern equipments. It has 45600 students.


The number of private and public dormitories is increasing in the city centre and the districts in which university has campus.  There are 3 dormitories, managed by Credit and Dormitories Foundation and their capacity is 1622 beds for males and 2410 beds for females .With the students  staying at the private dormitories, the university is housing 8000 students in total. In addition, there are 2 student hostels with 2000 beds capacity in the campus.

Catering Services

There are dining halls with capacity to serve 3000 people at the same time in the campus area and serve 4500-5000 students every day.  Under the inspection of dieticians, the meals are offered to students with affordable price and good quality. There are also several cafeteria and cafes available at the certain locations of the campus.

Health Services

Health care services are offered to our students at medico-social center managed by the Directorate of Health, Culture and sports. After the first treatment is done, the students are sent to the university hospital for further treatment and examination if necessary.



Social Activities

The University supports lots of scientific, cultural, and social events every year. Those activities make positive contributions to the social structure of the city. Cultural events and social events are organized by the university attract great attention among students. Moreover, the cultural and social events by student clubs and societies also have great participation.

Sport Activities

There is 1 half Olympic-size swimming pool, 2 gyms at the capacity of 1000 spectators, 1 grass soccer and athletic field at the capacity of 5000 spectators at the campus. The university participates in local, national and international competitions ever year.