Bülent Ecevit University provides training in Pre-Bachelor’s, Bachelor's, Master's and Post-Master’s Doctoral degrees in Western Black Sea Region.

The foundation purpose of our university was to create a perfectionist center in Zonguldak and Western Black Sea Region. For this reason, as well as being a leader of research, BEU has committed to provide an education in international standards. Our university is among the leading institutions which started education in programs that can meet the needs of the business and industry. Developing innovative teaching methods and programs are among the policies of BEU.

As stated in our university’s Strategic Plan, BEU attaches great importance to internationalization. Therefore, for student and academic staff exchange, joint researches and scientific studies, BEU has established strong links with universities all over the world. International exchange programs and double degree programs are the indicators of the international character of BEU. In almost every program, there are exchange students as well as full-time and part-time foreign faculty members.

Since the 2005-2006 academic year, BEU has been giving a Diploma Supplement to all its graduates. With this application, BEU was awarded the Diploma Supplement Label by the European Commission in 2012, which is known as a measure of quality education in universities.

In our university, extra-curricular activities are strongly supported. Through their compulsory internship our students may have the chance to gain experience about their work lives. In addition to this, our university has a very lively and entertaining campus life.


International University BEU
Bülent Ecevit University which places internationalisation among the priorities of its management policies offers students the chance to be educated in an international atmosphere with its foreign staff, increasing number of international students and significant steps in the field of student and academic staff mobility. The number of foreign teaching staff and international students attending BEU family is increasing day by day. Our University is an international education center where 292 students from 44 countries of the world are being educated.

BEU, The Most Environmentalist University in Turkey
Bülent Ecevit University (BEU) ranked the 1st among Turkish universities in 2014 in Green Metric World Universities Ranking Platform which evaluates universities of the world in the fields of environmental consciousness and sustainability every year.

Social University BEU
Bülent Ecevit University provides both students and regional residents with social and cultural activities it organizes. BEU offers its students the chance to attend various activities according to their interests. Students can benefit from facilities offered in social and cultural areas by being a member of any of the 191 student clubs they desire. The activities student clubs organise every year are followed by students, academic staff and local residents with appreciation

Society-Sensitive University BEU
Bülent Ecevit University which is frequently mentioned with its support to health and healthy life has broken the Turkish record for blood donation with the traditionally organised activity “There is Life in the Blood of the Campus” four years in succession. During the campaign “There is Life in the Blood of the Campus” organised in cooperation with Turkish Red Crescent Head Office and Zonguldak Branch of Turkish Red Crescent, 705 units of blood were donated in 2012, 1267 units in 2013, 1453 units in 2014 and 1915 units of blood were donated in 2015.

BEU Library is 7/24 Open
The quality and efficiency of a university is measured with the approach to the library which is the central unit of the university. Our University considers the improvement of libraries on the Farabi Campus and other campuses quite important in order to increase the intellectual power and culture of students to turn them into free-thinking, researching and creative individuals. Our libraries are enriched in terms of both scientific resources and being ideal study environments for our students.

The Health Base of the Region BEÜ
Besides social, artistic, sports, cultural and scientific activities and organisations, Bülent Ecevit University which draws attention with its successful activities is realising significant investments so that its staff and local people can join university life within modern and spacious structures. BEU has become the health base of the region with its Application and Research Hospital and the huge investments it has fulfilled in the field of health



In Bülent Ecevit University, there is a legal committee entitled “BEU disability support” offering services - which are similar to any other ones done for the other students - for those students in need of special treatment during their education. The students with the following problems can get benefit of the services:

Sexual equality, the integration of disabled students and fight for xenophobia are the subjects that we work on and be careful about. Our university supplies the needs of disabled people, e.g. there are lifts and wheelchair ramps in faculties.


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