Bursa with its three universities and over 50.000 students harbours broad opportunities; it also possesses vast economic potentials as an industrial city. The increasingly developing local and intercity transportation opportunities offers comfortable travel alternatives. Although Bursa is 385 km from Ankara and 240 km from Istanbul it can be said that Bursa is almost minutes away from Istanbul because of the many transportation possibilities. If you choose to live in Bursa as a student you will have transportation opportunities such as airplane, helicopter, ferry, sea bus and land transport. There is a local transportation network integretad with the rail system which can take you anywhere from the city center. In addition you will have the privilege to feel the historical ambiance of Bursa in the promenades you take in the city center.

When you start to live in Bursa you will start to benefit from the opportunities of a city with cultural values but which also incorporates the modern life. Bursa which is an “Industrial City” will offer numerous possibilities from sports to arts. You will breath the mystical air of history in Bursa and at the same time feel that you live intertwined with culture and arts. Theatre performances, movie theatres, festivals; all of these will add different experiences to you. Besides these privileges Bursa offers possibilities to experience sea and mountain sports within a single day. The nature walk you start in Uludağ mountain in summer mornings can be rounded out in the afternoon  in cool waters of  the beaches of the Marmara sea belonging to the nice towns of Bursa as Mudanya and Gemlik. It will be pleasant to sip your coffe with friends in the evening in one of the cafeterias situated in the city’s historical places.

Bursa has warm winters because of its climate. Even if its warm its beneficial for you to  have the necessary clothes at hand.


For more information about Bursa: www.bursa.gov.tr




 Bursa Technical University (BTU) was established in 2010 and consists of 6 faculties, 2 graduate schools and 1 school. BTU offers qualified and modern education opportunities to the students in its main campuses Yıldırım and Osmangazi which are located in the city centre. The laboratories which were set up within BTU’s vision in becoming a research university puts its scientific studies at the disposal of  the industry. Through this it’s aimed to educate qualified technical staff required by the industry.

BTU offers a modern education through education opportunities abroad, English as the education language, technological education system at global standards and qualified academic staff.



BTU which possesses values of a global university has nearly 100 academic staff with national and international experience and knowledge.

All the laboratories are equipped with advanced devices. All the necessary tools and materials necessary for applications in education are provided. Great emphasis is put on providing the library which works 40 hours a week with new publications and data bases.



There are a variety of opportunities for accomodation in the city center through public and private dormitories to private flats for rent.

You can benefit from food/catering services in a healthy and economic way through the dining halls at the campuses. In addition you can use the cafeterias at the faculties and choose among the many restaurants and cafeterias at the city center.

There are nearly 10 students clubs at BTU out of which you can choose to be member of and benefit from their activities. BTU provides to your disposal tennis courts, sports halls, fitness centers, swimming pools and football fields for the sports you are interested in.

The most recent movies will be screened in the movie theatres in Bursa at the same time as the rest of the world. You will enjoy being in BTU and Bursa during the Spring Festival where there are various sports and arts activities….


Please check out our web site for more detailed information: www.btu.edu.tr