Bezmialem Vakıf University (BVU), founded in 2010 by the General Directorate for Foundations of the Prime Ministry of the Turkish Republic, started its academic life in the 2010-2011 academic year.  Centered in the historic Bezmialem Ottoman hospital built in 1843, BVU will expand with a new 155 000 m² campus in Hasdal.


BVU is the first foundation university focusing exclusively on health sciences. Its goal is to educate students who respect our national values and differences, who are competitive with international scientific research in public health, and who will meet Turkey’s contemporary needs by focusing on scientific branches of health science.

By its constantly improving excellence of education, its increasing number scientific publications, and its growing list of cultural activities, Bezmialem Vakıf University is on track to being one of the world’s distinguished universities.  BVU offers an education of good quality in health sciences, a colorful university life, and a reliable future both for its graduates and the research scientists.


A Distinctive Education

“Bezmialem Vakif University offers unlimited opportunities to its students in terms of education.”

The goal of BVU is to train students to be remarkably successful in their fields with the help of experienced academic staff, cutting-edge technologic platforms, modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and library, and contemporary training programs. Bezmiâlem Vakif University provides a high level of education to its students, integrating theoretical knowledge with practices.

The primary element comprising the high quality education of BVU is the education philosophy based on improving the research and critical thinking abilities of the students by applying programs with international standards.


Professional Teaching Staff

Of the 455 academic personnel employed at BVU, 177 are well-known nationally and internationally. In its first year, among Turkish universities Bezmialem was ranked number one.  With an average of 1.74 articles per academic staff, we are proud to help reverse the brain drain by providing high quality employment for our academic staff.  The current ratio of academic personnel per student is 1:7, which is above the world standard and a contributing factor that improves the quality of education at BVU.


English Preparatory School

BVU’s compulsory year of exclusive English education enables these future health professionals to compete in the international arena. A thorough grounding in this international language will enable them to keep up with innovations occurring throughout the world, particularly important in the field of health. Professional English lessons following prep school provide BVU graduates with job opportunities domestically and abroad.


Life in Bezmialem

“I have everything I need.”

The BVU campus is located in a 1,000,000m2 area in Aksaray/Fatih, the center of historic Istanbul—old Constantinople. BVU provides its students an advantageous campus life with its historic buildings, its well-maintained green spaces, and its clean and safe environment. 

BVU comprises the Bezmiâlem Vakif University Medical Faculty Hospital and Dentistry Faculty Clinic along with administrative buildings and the faculties of Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Health Services Vocational High School and Research Centers, modern classrooms, highly equipped laboratories with modern equipment on its campus.


With its hospital, rich library, computer labs, post office and cafeterias and canteens, all the usual facilities of a university campus are available for student use.  BVU brings together art and culture for the students throughout the year.


In addition to fulfilling student expectations in education, BVU aims to create a socially and culturally dynamic environment for the students. Accordingly, BVU hosts social and cultural events that both contribute to our students’ personal development and provide them with enjoyable time at school.


‘I can succeed tremendous organizations thanks to student clubs.’

BVU gives particular importance to the social, cultural, and artistic activities with the participation of our students. So as to enable our students to realize their activities ideally and to coordinate with each other, a student club center was constituted by the university. Students are provided with financial support as well as shuttle busses, equipment, office supplies, and classrooms or auditoriums for their activities.


At BVU, sports teams have been established in order to provide students with healthy lives by promoting regular participation in sports. Our sports teams represent our university by joining the competitions that are arranged by Federation of University Sports.


Student-Friendly Cafeterias

            Many cafeterias and a dining room that appeal to different tastes and budgets are available on campus. Menus combine a variety of flavors prepared by dietitians; engineers designed pleasant social environments that appeal to students in our university dining halls.


Studies Towards Barrier-Free Life


            Our Unit for Students with Disabilities cooperating with similar institutions like the University student clubs, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (Isom), School for the Deaf make arrangements to facilitate the lives of students with disabilities.


Health Services

Students who encounter any health problems can, by showing their ID cards, receive free services from Bezmiâlem Foundation University Medical Faculty Hospital.