Bayburt University of EU universities conducted between 3000 university is a member of the students, faculty, and information exchange based on the ERASMUS program is a member enrolled in the program with universities, student internships, intensive programs and Erasmus Language Courses with the faculty member and student mobility has the opportunity.



Our physical area, being 6400 square meters on September 15th, 2008, has reached 42.000 meter square 2013 by means of a rapid structuring process. Finishing the environmental monitoring and landscaping processes by the end of 2012, a campus with ornamental pools, a large parking area, football and basketball pitches, a large cafeteria of 650 meter square and social domains has been designed.

Within our campus, being so close to the city center, there are the buildings of Bayburt Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering Faculty, Rectorship, Administrative Building, Library and the Cafeteria. Also in the city center, apart from our campus, there are Bayburt Vocational High School, and Bayburt Vocational School of Health Services. 

Also, a new and larger campus on Bayburt-Erzincan road is under construction.



        A lot of students can participate in sports activities (football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, skiing, etc.) are inter-university competitions are conducted throughout the year. 

In Çoruh river rafting and nature trips carried out intensive activities.