About Batman University 

Batman University was established in 2007. It is located in the south-east of Turkey.Our university has 3 institutes, 7 faculties, 4 vocational schools and 3 schools. More than 6.000 students are educated at the university.

Responding to students’ needs a number of academic facilities have been provided, such as: libraries, dormitories, laboratories and canteens. Students have the opportunity to develop their interest via student organizations. Some festivals are held in our university during the year to motivate and relax the students. As well as festivals, there are cultural and scientific symposiums arranged by the university.

The University with its administrative and academic members is striving to modernize its structure, organization and study programmes in order to prepare students and graduates to find themselves easily in the globalizing world.

Location and Campus

In Central Campus, a total of 26.059 m2 closed area of 2 buildings, 4 workshops and 7 prefabricated buildings exist.

The central campus that is close to the city center was constructed on an area of 57.000 m2 In this campus, an additional building was built for the faculties after 2008, the workshops and prefabricated buildings were renewed, environmental planning was carried out so that the campus has achieved a modern view.

In Batı Raman Campus;

An area of 7.353.857 m2 enlarged from 2.248.602 m2 in 2013,59.810 m2 closed area at the 7 completed building,32.193 m2 closed area at the 4 ongoing construction,Stadium Project, which is at tender stage, consisting of Grandstand, Synthetic Athletic Track and Football Pitch, 1. Stage Infrastructure construction consisting of ongoing constructions of roads, sewage, rain water and package treatment system and 65% of which was completed, 2. Stage Infrastructure construction which consists of Power Transmission Line and Gallery system and which is planned to be completed by the end of 2013,

Kozluk Campus

7.500 m2 closed area at 1building at tender stage, The outdoor sports facilities at tender stage,

Hasankeyf Campus

17.179 m2 closed area at the 2 ongoing buildings exist.