Bartın University

Bartın University was founded in 2008 and it has been growing fast since then. At first, the university started its activities with three faculties which are Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Today, the university has seven faculties which are Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. We intend to increase the number of faculties. The university has a School of Physical Education and Sports and two vocational schools. In addition to Science and Social Sciences Institutes, the Institute of Educational Sciences has been founded and the academic organization has been largely completed. When compared to other universities founded during the same period, Bartın University is the best in terms of academic organization. With its social, historical, touristic attractions, Bartın province has a unique location in Turkey. It is a city of water with the river and the sea. Our university is
surrounded by all these historical and natural richness. The city is a safe students. It is the city of peace. It is close to neighboring cities and has no transportation problems. Bartın is also very close to both Istanbul and
Ankara, main cultural centers of Turkey. We have been working to provide our students and staff with a more modern learning and work environment in
the new campus area in Kutlubeyyazıcılar district.

Life In The City

Bartın is located in the Western Black Sea region of the Republic of Turkey. Formerly a district of Zonguldak province, Bartın has been made into a province seat in 1991 and became the 74th city of Turkey. It is surrounded by Kastamonu on the east, Karabük in the south, Zonguldak in the west and Black Sea in the north. Bartın is a forest-rich city and a large part of the city is within the borders of Kure Mountains National Park. Bartın River is the only river on which transportation is made.

Located in the West Black Sea Region and formerly a district of Zonguldak, Bartın has been given a province status in 1991 and became the 74th province of Turkey. Bartın is 420 km from Istanbul and 283 km from Ankara.

It is a tourist attraction with its natural beauties, beaches and historical buildings. The city, which got its name from Parthenious which means “Gloriously Flowing Water” has three districts: Amasra, Kurucaşile and Ulus.

 İnkumu, Amasra and Çakraz beaches in Bartın are among the most significant centers of sea tourism.

59-km coastal line of Bartın shows magnificent beauties with forested lands.

With its unique natural beauties and 3000-year-old historical heritage Amasra district is an important tourist attraction. The district hosts tourists during the whole year.

Kurucaşile is one of the most important centers where wooden yacht building still exists. There are various types of yachts built in Kurucaşile ranging from the warships during the Ottoman period to fishing boats, transport vessels and recreational craft.

Ulus is a secret paradise with its waterfalls and plateaus where you can find all shades of green. Located within the borders of Küre Mountains National Park Ulus is a natural wonder with the surrounding trees, flowers and wild life.


Our students benefit from the dormitories of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. Besides, private dormitories are available for the students.

The new dormitory has three buildings. The two buildings have a capacity of 552 students and the third building has a social facility and a conference hall. The dormitory also has cinema and a recreation hall. In addition, there is a dormitory with 378-person capacity.

Eating& Drinking At Bartın University

There is a dining hall where students are provided four different dishes for only 1,5 TL.  Alternatively, they can also eat at cafes and restaurants around the campus which offer various tastes. Also, there are cafeterias in student dormitories.

Medical Facilities

The Medico-Social Center serves to protect the physical and mental health of our students. There is 1 doctor, 1 dentist, 1 dietitian, 1 psychologist and 2 nurses serving in the center.

Sports and Leisure Facilities

The university has 1 FIFA-certified football ground, a fitness hall and indoor sports facility. Our students benefit from all kinds of sports opportunities provided.

Our university organizes various activities to enrich our students’ scientific and social lives. Our university hosting various artists and scientists who have proven themselves in their field of study.

Students freshen up with music, theatre and sports activities during the traditional spring festival organized every year.