About Balıkesir University

Cagis Campus has been established on 5000 hectared-area on the 17th km of Balıkesir-Bigadic Road inside Cagis and Pasakoy boarders.

Presidency Building, Medical Faculty, Architecture and Engineering Faculty, Arts and Science Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Tourism Faculty, Balıkesir School of Health, Balıkesir Vocational School, Sports Centre, Convention Culture Centre, Central Cafeteria, Central Researching Lab, semi-olimpic poolandopen sports thesises are placed at Cagis Campus.


Our university has undertaken to contribute to increase the level of development and life quality of our country, notably Balıkesir, and to train individuals who are loyal to social values, respectful to human-rights, produce information and technology and loyal to Atatürk’s Principles and Reforms.


To be a favored university having reached to the quality of education in accordance with international Standards, having provided scientific production and collaboration of University-town-industry.