Ardahan University took the first step into being a worldwide university with its foundation by the help of 5765. law of the the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 22 May 2008. It continues to develop and improve day by day on the track of science and knowledge, searching for information, learning, producing and sharing, aiming to solve not only the region’s and country’s problems, but also the international problems like a light.

Lets share this development and enlight yourself.

Message of the Rector
Knowledge is a very precious value which makes people and societies, who possess and give importance to it, superior to other people and societies.Therefore universities are the places in which the information is taught, but mostly produced. It is not a coincidence that during our country’s historical process, generally major disasters happened in times when the society was highly far from science and art. Therefore, the Grand Leader Atatürk said ‘ The most factual guide in the world is science and art.’ By this way, he showed a new perspective to the young Republic. I perceive Ardahan University as the biggest chance in the region so far.

Our university will institutionalize towards catching and going beyond the modern civilization level. I hope, Ardahan University,  which will educate scientists who search for the solutions for the problems of not only our region and country, bu also all human being, will succeed in being a big university, and possessing international esteem. This aim will be our major presence reason.

However, we should always remember that; knowledge lives and improves only in the places in which it is protected and  given importance. Paralelly, it glorify the people and society who knows its importance. I believe that the people in Ardahan will protect their university like a new-born baby.

Educating our students as fully qualified individuals to reshape the world of the future is one of our main aims. Because, qualified individual is our country’s and humanbeing’s most precious fortune. We devoted our capacity and energy to educate people who are full of human affection, who gives importance to the scientific references and in this way enlighten our country, region and world. With each academician, student and personnel  who participates us, we will more develop and fulfill our ideal.

Prof. Dr. Ramazan KORKMAZ
The Rector of Ardahan University

The vision of Ardahan University is to educate well qualified individuals who are devoted to Atatürk’s principles and reforms, not compromising from secularism and republic values, hardworking, using his acquirements and intelligence for the benefit of all human being, beneficial to the society, creative, thinking positive and representing his country with his self-created values all over the world.

Ardahan University’s mission is to edudate well-qualified individuals who are competent in all areas with the education and research works which are based on international values, creative, and having responsibility for ethic  and social values. Another mission is to create values for educating individuals who are highly self- confident and responsible, having the ability of representing, possessing ethic values and international competence, and who are prefered by business and educational world.