Social Sciences University of Ankara

A Research-Oriented University which is

dedicated to accomplish projects contributing to international literature in social sciences,

dedicated to apply mass of its budget on the research topics which are important and priorities for our country,

dedicated to effectively use the social sciences research funds provided by the national (TUBİTAK, other public institutions and private sectors) and international bodies,

dedicated to encourage its academic staff and students to carry out national-international scientific projects.

A Post-graduate Studies Dedicated University which 

relates post-graduate programs to research projects

promotes its post-graduate students to take part in research projects of the university,

forms the content of the diploma programs and research projects with the contribution of not only its own academic staff but also the academic staff of other universities in Turkey and abroad.

plans its post-graduate programs and research projects with a multi-disciplinary approach bringing the different areas of social sciences (sociology, political science, economics, psychology etc.) together,

takes a leading role in meeting the needs of academic staff for newly established universities.

A University that highlights the importance of international cooperation which

establishes dual/joint diploma programs with the prominent international universities in their respective fields,

collaborates with international and regional university networks (EUA, IUA, AAU etc.),

provides grounds  for academic staff of the foreign universities to lecture and supervise the students online,

promotes foreign academic staff to lecture in diploma programs as much as possible,

provides active contribution  and participation in social sciences researches carried out in multi-national entities such as European Union (EU),  Council of Europe (CoE), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Organization Islamic Countries (OIC), World Bank (WB), United Nations and UNESCO,

offers appropriate working environments for international researchers and students.

A University that gives priority to up-to-date research topics which

makes regular surveys to picture out the actual social structure, values, institutions and their changing trends of the country (social mobility, social networks, social cohesion and disintegration, values researches, family, women, children, youth, education, religious practices, identity-belief profile, media etc.),

produces indicators to analyse the evolution of social change over years.

A university whose interest embraces the whole world which

recruits well-qualified experts on the countries and the geographical regions which are important for Turkey's international relations,

carries comparative social studies with the cooperation of the academics from the related countries for the purpose of macroeconomic policy needs of our country,

carries out scientific research to find out the perception of Turkey in the visual or print media of certain countries or among people,

carries out research about economic and social conditions, political preferences, social tendencies, education levels and preferences, language skills and problems of the Turkish minority in the countries where Turkish people live densely.

A University that has a leading role in the development of social science studies in Turkey which

organizes specific programs for the social sciences researchers in areas such as field surveys, in-depth interview, random selection and data analysis techniques,

has a leading role in the development of social science studies in Turkey

organizes specific programs for the social sciences researchers in areas such as field surveys, in-depth interview, random selection and data analysis techniques,

following closely the international agenda and developments, conferences, seminars and educational activities, additionally updating theoretical and applied information in social sciences.

A University with a rich library which

having a collection of all important books in the field of social sciences written in Turkish and translated into Turkish,

following up to date track of social sciences literature in English,

having online access to all related research catalogues,

has a high-tech library open 24/7 for the use of researchers.

A University that utilizes advanced technology within its historical buildings, by

furthering its activities in historical, cultural and aesthetic buildings in the old town of Ankara, Ulus,

respecting the historic fabric of the city and believing in the preservation and transmission of cultural heritage to the future generations,

providing a working environment equipped with the latest technology and owning smart systems with electronic signature,

"Having learning and research environment equipped with advanced educational technology.

A Multilingual and Multicultural University which

aims to provide its students an opportunity to learn a foreign language other than English according to the area of their interest,

publishes the findings of the researches carried out in the university via Internet in languages (English, German, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish etc.) in addition to Turkish

has a webpage in different languages simultaneously

has short-term and long-term mobility of international students, academic staff and researchers at the highest level.

A university that is contributing to the transformation of the environment where the university is, by

protecting and valuing its historical and cultural heritage by meticulously restoring its historical buildings

contributing to protect the architectural features of the neighbourhood, if needed, by building new buildings compatible with the historic fabric

contributing to intellectual, social, economic and cultural transformation of the university neighbourhood with the national and international academic staff and students.