Where is Aksaray University?

Aksaray University is located in Aksaray with its 377.000 population in the region of Central Anatolia. Aksaray, in the Cappodacia region, is 230 km. away from the capital Ankara and 70 km. away from the centre of Cappodacia region, Nevşehir. You can use bus as means of intercity transportation to Aksaray. In the city, even if you have the opportunity to walk most of the places you want to go, there are, also, midibus services throughout the whole city.

You will have fun with your friends and will have no time to get bored in the city of Aksaray, intertwined with both history and culture, that there are many mosques, churches, sepulchres, museums, inns, and, also, shopping centres, cafes, cinema halls, theatre halls, concerts.

Aksaray has continental climate because of the region it is located. So, don’t forget to bring your cozy clothes with you in winter as it is cold and bring fine clothes with you in summer as it is hot.

See the link for detailed information: http://www.aksaray.gov.tr/

About Aksaray University

Founded in 2006, Aksaray University incorporates 6 Faculties, 2 Institutes, 5 School,  5 Vocational Schools. Aksaray University offers a qualified and modern education to its 13,000 students at the main campus which is 8 km away from the city center.

Aksaray University incorporates 6 Research and Application Centers. They are University Industry Incorporation, Application and Research Center, Scientific and Technological Application and Research Center, Tuz Lake Water and Environment Application and Research Center, Somuncubaba Historical and Cultural Researches Application and Research Center, Children’s Education Application and Research Center, Family Studies Application and Research Center.

All units in laboratories and workshops are equipped with the most advanced equipments, all the tools and materials which are necessary for the application are provided for education.  Also, you can reach easily whichever books you need in the university’s library.

Social Facilities

For accommodation, you can choose the government dormitories, special dormitories or aparts which are located in both city centre and near the campus.

At the cafeteria, located in the university, you can eat cheap and healthy food. You can, also, eat at the canteens of each faculty, restaurants and cafes on campus. 

You can join any of the 30 student clubs, and attend the club activities. Moreover, Aksaray University offers you tennis courts, sport centers, gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts and soccer fields.


Please see our University Catalog for further information.