Where is Ahi Evran University?

Ahi Evran University is in Kırşehir which is situated in the centre of Turkey. Kırşehir is a civilization city with its history, culture and art. Kırşehir is on Ankara-Kayseri highway and it is located 180km to Ankara, 130 km to Kayseri and 95 km to Cappadocia Region. Kırşehir is an important geographical location, so transportation can be easily provided to all the districts of our country. Kırşehir, located on fertile lands and the ways on East to West, has been used as a settlement in every period of its history.

For detailed information about Kırşehir: www.kirsehir.gov.tr

About Ahi Evran University

The history of Ahi Evran University goes back to the Male Teacher’s Training School founded in 1961. Until 1974, this institution continued its education activities under this name. After 1974, it was belonged to the Institute of Education and in 1982 it was transformed into biennial College of Education and was belonged to Gazi University. In 1988, this institution was formed as quadrennial college and then in 1992 it was named as Kırşehir Faculty of Education. On March 17, 2006 it attained its current title as “Ahi Evran University”.

Ahi Evran University provides educational services to its students in total 9 campuses, 4 of them are in Kırşehir Centrum and 5 of them are in counties; with 3 Institutes, 7 Faculties, 4 Colleges, 5 Technical Vocational Schools and 5 Research and Application Centres. Ahi Evran University, which is becoming an established educational institution with its about 18 thousand students, is an important candidate for being one of the important science centres of its region.

Academic Structure

Ahi Evran University makes major contributions to Turkish Higher Education with its established history. Within the body of Ahi Evran University, there are 21 professors, 33 associate professors, 159 assistant professors, 145 lecturers, 188 research assistants, 44 instructors and 16 experts; in total 606 academic staff work here.  

Within the body of Ahi Evran University, there is Central Research Laboratory equipped with the latest technological devices and it provides service to both Ahi Evran University academic staff and academic staff who come from other cities. In addition, there are a lot of laboratories where faculty students and academic staff can research and perform their applications easily.

Social Facilities

Accommodation needs of our university students are met by Higher Education Credits and Dormitory Institution (YURTKUR) and private dormitories. And also, there are a lot of apart hotels which offer accommodation services to our students.  

Transportation cost in Kırşehir is cheaper than other cities. There are public transport vehicles, which are available for continuous shuttle services, from city centre to our campus. Also the vehicles belonging to our university provide free shuttle service.

In dining halls of our university, food prepared in hygienic conditions and under supervision control is being served to our students for an affordable fee. In addition, our students can benefit from our cafeterias and canteens with their rich menus.

In Ahi Evran University, various activities are being organized for our students to provide them recreation and entertainment facilities in their spare time. Our university supports culture-art activities of our students such as cinema, theatre, conference, concert etc. Also, traditional Spring Festival is organized to relieve all the tiredness at the end of the year. All these activities are being organized by 44 student groups in the body of the university.