About Adıyaman University

Adıyaman is known as one of the oldest settlements in history. Adıyaman is a culture and tourism city that located in the west of Southeastern Anatolia, whose role in the stage of history dates back to first humans and a city that hosted a variety of cultures. Adıyaman is a prominent city with the monuments of Mount Nemrut - which is known as the eighth wonder of the world -, the remnants of Commagene civilization, Atatürk dam - which is known as the world’s fourth largest dam -, Çamgazi dam, winter camp organization, folk dances that has the first rank in the world.

Adıyaman, located in the Southeastern Anatolia, has highway connections to all the cities of Turkey. Along with railway and airline transportation, land transportation is at the forefront.

Today, Adıyaman University has 721 academic personnel, 496 administrative personnel and a total of 17000 students - 260 of which are graduate -. The University includes 11 faculties, 2 schools, 6 vocational schools, 1 state conservatory and 3 institutes.


Adıyaman University provides its students with lifelong learning by offering associate degree, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and Continuing Education Center.

The qualified academic staff of Adıyaman University determines what information, ability, competence and career opportunities their students will get via international standards.

The programs that are carried on in Adıyaman University is kept up to date by considering the needs of the business world.

Adıyaman University, with lifelong education and application/internship, aims to make its students’ occupational and career guidance in a healthy way. The university keeps its programs updated in order to meet the needs of the era. In addition, the university gets help from the academic studies that will form the university – industry cooperation. Adıyaman University also supports and guides its students to participate in selective courses, sportive, cultural and artistic activities along with their occupational progress. Adıyaman University graduates experience the pride of being well equipped personnel in different areas.


While students coming from other cities generally find accommodation in the dormitories of Credit and Dormitories Institution in the main campus, the others who choose home life and private dormitory do not have problems in the center and districts of Adıyaman. Credit and Dormitories Institution in the main campus has a 658 beds dormitoy for male and 1000 beds dormitory for female students. Additionaly, a girls’ dormitory for 500 students is under construction and is going to host students in 2012/2013 academic year. Credit and Dormitories Institution also has a dormitory for 350 students in Besni and a dormitory for 170 students in Kahta.


Adıyaman University offers students, academic and administrative staff lunch in main campus, Besni, Gölbaşı, and Kahta vocational schools. In addition, only in main campus is offered dinner.

Our students are offered both cheap and well quality 5 types of meal, 1 of which is selective, a total of 4 types of meal. Main campus refectory was designed for serving 1000 students and 500 academic and administrative personnel at the same time.

Health Assistance

Our students, personnel and the people they are responsible for are offered health assistance in our university’s health cabin.

Cultural Services

One of the base priorities of Adıyaman University is to provide its students’ progress with positive assistance by guiding them to participate in cultural and social activities in their leisure times. Our goal is to guide our students to make them have the habit of getting relaxed and having fun and participating in or seeing activities about fine arts.

Our students are offered folk dances, bağlama, drama, painting, etc. courses. These courses are free of charge. Additionaly, during the year, drama performances, concerts, poem performances, conferences, movie days, panels, exhibitions, memorial and celebration days, symposiums, etc. are performed. The students are required no charge for these activities.

Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations Department, serves at the level of regulation and development of relations between our university and international foundations and universities in foreign countries.

Currently, Foreign Relations Department carries on cooperation with European Union Universities within the scope of European Union Education and Youth Programs.

Until today, 40 agreements have been made with 16 European Union member country universities. Via these agreements, 48 lecturers and 54 students have been offered exchange program.

Library and Documentation Services

Our central library continues its service on 2nd floor of administrative department of medico-social building on a 540 square meter area. It offers 66 thousand printed publications, 418 encyclopedias, 416 dictionaries, 4 journal memberships, 3 national and 7 local newspaper membership.

Our subscribed electronic datebases within the scope of TUBİTAK EKUAL (Ovid LWW, IEEE, Taylor and Francis, Ebscohost, JRC, Science Direct, Web of Sciene) are offered in our library.


There are laboratories in Adıyaman University that are offered to students in which educational and research activities are carried out. These laboratories that are founded by Faculty, School and Vocational Schools are donated according to current technologies.

Our university uses latest technology products with aim of students’ getting help. Our laboratories are designed according to the needs of the lessons with thin client systems. In our laboratories there is a photocopier and a projector. There are a total of 18 computer laboratories in Faculties and Vocational Schools.

In our university, 1333 desktop computers, 398 notebook computers and 361 thin client systems are in the service of our personnel and students.