Acibadem University was founded as a non-profit thematic university in the field of Health Sciences in Istanbul in 2007. Classes began in Fall 2009 in the School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences and the Vocational School of Health Services. The main aim of our university is to create a powerful academic work force that instills and fosters a thirst for knowledge, in both faculty and students, that extends beyond their academic experiences, into scientific research and clinical practice.

Acibadem University derives much of its strength from the hundreds of faculty members working in the Acıbadem Healthcare Group whose organization has been providing high quality health care services in Turkey since 1991. Maintaining the highest levels of knowledge available has been the key to Acibadem’s success as a medical establishment. Raising the standards of healthcare education throughout Turkey, by passing this knowledge on to Turkey’s youth, has always been a high priority.

Our young, enthusiastic academic staff members form the core driving force of the university’s education program. Academic programs at Acibadem University are student-centered, encouraging research in a contemporary and dynamic environment.

Situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, Acıbadem University moved to its current location, Kerem Aydınlar Campus, in October 2013. To date, the university has 4 faculties, 2 vocationals school, 1 institute and 5 research centers. Our Center of Advanced Simulation and Education (CASE) facility, dedicated to simulative education and research projects, provides two educational experiences: advanced level clinical simulation, and training of Endoscopic and Robotic Surgery.  The teaching language in the School of Medicine and in the Faculty of Engineering is English. Other programs are taught in Turkish but include extensive English language courses in their curriculum.

Acıbadem University is on track to becoming both a nationally and internationally recognized leader in Health Science education.