Turks who have graduated from a school equivalent to high school and providing the necessary conditions for foreign applicants, Sirnak University undergraduate and graduate programs can apply to study. 

Sirnak University 's students from abroad and accepting information about programs offered in 2013-2014 academic year, the quota will be explained later on this page. 

Important Note: The evaluation of the applications and the placement of the candidates completely Sirnak University 's sole discretion. Sirnak University is free to complete the quota. Reference to the conditions provided 

does not mean to be considered for placement. 

The applications of candidates will be established by the Rector of the University of Şırnak will be evaluated by a committee. 

Of A. Applicants: 

Not in high school or if they have graduated; 

1 foreign ones, 

2 Turkish citizens by birth and citizenship of the Turkish Ministry of the Interior allowed to leave the area and their Turkish citizenship renunciation certificate is registered in the minors Order recognized by law numbered 5203 

the document that they have rights to the use of those documents, 

3 foreign nationals by birth and later citizenship last couple of TC nationals, 

4 TC nationals last 3 years of high school education in a foreign country except Cyprus has completed 

5 residing in the TRNC and the TRNC TRNC and have completed secondary education in those with GCE AL exam results may apply to be accepted as students from abroad 

B. Documents required for application: 

1 Application Form for Foreign Students: Different faculties and schools to apply to more than one program, even if only filled out an application form (application form to the University of Sirnak public network 

can be found on page). 

2 high school diploma notarized or Turkey Embassy / Consulate approved by the Turkish example: 

  (Candidates of a high school diploma is equivalent to Turkish high school diploma or the Ministry of National Education, showing that countries from the Embassy of Turkey in / Consulate can be obtained from "Equivalency Certificate" at 

You will be asked during registration.) 

3 Note Certificate (transcript): Candidates show in high school courses taken and grades and high school approved by the Directorate of official transcripts must be submitted in a sealed envelope. (Note Turkish state document 

If translated into Turkish Notary / Turkey Embassy / Consulate together with certified copies of the transcript must be submitted.) 

4 belong to any one of the following exam results exam certificate Notary / Turkey Embassy / Consulate certified copy, 

  Surrounded by the Turkish Passport Notary 5 / Turkey Embassy / Consulate certified copy, 

  6 6 passport-size photographs, 

  On 7 stamped envelope recipient address. 

  Applicants accepted for exams / diplomas with minimum scores required. 

Application used for exams (SAT, TQDK, GAOKAO, etc.) are valid for two years. Acceptable degree of validity of a high school diploma has no boundaries. 

Important Note: Due to the excess of the reference sheet; After placement of the application documents be returned is not possible. Therefore, the candidates other than the original documents Application Form 

are advised to send. 

Application documents can be sent by hand or by post to the following address: 

Sirnak University 

Department of Student Affairs 

73000 Central / ŞIRNAK 


Placement results will be announced on this page. Placed in a program for students will be sent a Letter of Acceptance by the University of Sirnak. This letter of acceptance Turkey and the nearest Embassy / Consulate 

"Student visa" should be taken. This visa to enter Turkey and in the registry is essential to the university. 

Registration dates will certainly be extended. Application documents along with other documents during the registration of candidates will also be asked of the originals. 



  July 16, 2013 Application of Foreign Students Start Date 
  July 31, 2013 Application Deadline for Foreign Students 
  August 6th, 2013 Final Registration Announcement of Accepted Students 
  12-23 August 2013 Registration of Foreign Students 
  Foreign Students quota of 27 August 2013 Announcement of Reserves 
  28 August-3 September 2013 Reserves of Foreign Student Records 
  16 September 2013 the Turkish Exemption Examination for Foreign Students 
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