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Aim, Scope, Basis and Definition of Terms


Aim and Scope

ARTICLE 1– (1) The aim of this document is to regulate the procedures and principles regarding international student applications, admissions and registrations to Sinop University Faculties, Schools and Vocational Schools.


ARTICLE 2–  (1) This directive is written based on the decision taken by Council of Higher Education Executive Board on Jan 21, 2010 regarding the admission of international students.


ARTICLE 3–  (1) Following descriptions and abbreviations apply;

  1. ABİTUR: High School graduation exam in Germany,
  2. ACT: American College Test,
  3. Al–Shahada–Al–Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate): Syrian university entrance exam,
  4. GCE: General Certificate Education test,
  5. Residence Permit: An official document given to foreigners who are allowed to stay in Turkey for a certain period of time,
  6. (Cancelled: Senate-28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.),
  7. LYS: Undergraduate Placement Test,
  8. UÖSS: International Student Selection Exam,  
  9. ONO: High School Grade Point Average,
  10. (Cancelled: Senate-28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.),
  11. Cancelled: Senate- 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.),
  12. ÖSYS: Student Selection And Placement System,
  13. SAT I: Scholastic Aptitude Test,
  14. Tawjihi: Palestinian High School Graduation Exam,
  15. TCS: Turkish Republics and Related Communities Exam,
  16. TÖMER: Turkish Language Education Center,
  17. Turkish Courses: Courses opened at higher education institutions to teach foreign students Turkish,
  18. UAN: Ujian Akhir National Test of Indonesia,
  19. Visa: An official permit stamp on passport to ensure entry to and exit from Turkey to foreigners,
  20. International Student: A non-Turkish citizen who studies at Turkish education institutions or attends Turkish language courses in Turkey,
  21. International Student Office: Office founded to provide consultation services to international students to help them adjust to the country, meet their social and cultural needs and solve problems that may occur during adaptation period,
  22. YGS: National University Entrance Exam,


Students Quotas, Applicant Qualifications, Required Documents for Application and General Application Requirements

Students Quotas

ARTICLE 4 – (1) Quota suggestions received from faculty, school and vocational schools are first approved by the University Senate then they are sent to Council of Higher Education to be published on  International Student Admission Guide within a time frame determined by Council of Higher Education.

  1. (Changed: Senato- 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.),International student quotas may not be more than 50% of the program quotas indicated in the Student Selection and Placement Exam Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide of the previous year. Quotas for the programs that will admit international students for the first time are set and determined along with ÖSYS quotas and presented to Council of Higher Education for approval.
  2. If the announced quotas are not filled, available quotas may be tansferred among other programs with a decision from related university authorities and on condition that they may not exceed the quota assigning limitations stated in the subsection above.
  3. International quotas will be announced on the university website within a time frame decided according to the program features. (http://www.sinop.edu.tr)

Applicant Qualifications

ARTICLE 5 – (1) The application of high school graduates or seniors who:

  1. are foreign nationals,
  2. are native-born Turkish nationals that have ceased to be a citizen by courtesy of the Ministry of Interior and their minor children registered in the document of expatriation, provided that they can certify that they hold the official document for the use of rights defined in the Turkish Citizenship Law (Article 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law no. 5901 reads as follows: “(1) A child born to a Turkish mother or through a Turkish father within the unity of marriage either in Turkey or abroad is a Turkish citizen”. The candidates are required to read the Turkish Citizenship Law before making an application.)
  3. are native-born foreigners that have become a Turkish citizen afterwards / dual nationality holders in the same situation,
  4. are Turkish nationals that have completed last three years of their high school education in a foreign country other than TRNC (including the ones that have completed the entire high school education at a Turkish school in a foreign country other than TRNC),
  5. are nationals of TRNC that reside in TRNC, and have completed their high school education in TRNC and have taken GCE AL exam, and are nationals of TRNC, and have received education in a high school in another country between 2005 and 2010 and have taken GCE AL exam will be accepted.

(2) The application of the applicants who:

  1. are Turkish nationals and completed the entire high school education in Turkey or TRNC,
  2. hold nationality of TRNC (excluding the ones that have had their entire high school education in TRNC and taken GCE AL exam, and have received education in a high school in another country between 2005 and 2010 and have taken or will take GCE AL exam),
  3. hold dual nationality, one of which is Turkish as defined in the paragraph above (excluding the ones that have had their entire high school education in TRNC and taken GCE AL exam, and have received education in a high school in another country
  4. hold dual nationality, one of which is TRNC (excluding the ones that have had their entire high school education in TRNC and taken GCE AL exam, and have received education in a high school in another country between 2005 and 2010 and have taken GCE AL exam),
  5. are Turkish nationals and have had their high school education in schools affiliated with the embassies in Turkey and foreign high schools in Turkey, or hold dual nationality and the first nationality is Turkish as defined in paragraph 2 of article a will not be accepted.

Documents Required for Application 

MADDE 6 – Applicants must present:

  1. Filled out and signed international student application form which could be found on university website, http://www.sinop.edu.tr
  2. Certified Turkish copies of high school diploma or high school graduation certificate certified by a notary in Turkey or Turkish Embassy in the applicant’s home country,
  3. Official Transcript (shows the grades for courses applicants took in high school, official transcript certified by high school administration) and Turkish copy of the transcript certified by a notary in Turkey or the Turkish Embassy in applicant’s home country.
  4. High school grade point average, high school diploma/graduation certificate and/or an official document from their high school that verifies the applicant’s high school grade point average and a Turkish copy of the document certified by a notery in Turkey or the Turkish Embassy in applicant’s home country (for applicants who don’t hold an official transcript during the application process).
  5. Official test score reports from international student entrance exams administered by a Turkish university in last 2 years. Original or Turkish copy of the document that verifies any one of the application criteria stated in Sinop University Directive for International Student Application, Admission and Registration.

(This document must be certified by a notery in Turkey or the Turkish Embassy in applicant’s home country)

  1. To score at least 1000-1100 depending on the program they are applying to, (Test scores are valid for 2 years),
  2. To get A level in at least 3 subjects (one must be related to the program you’re applying to) and average score of all subjects must be at least C level or higher
  3. Scientific reasoning, Math and Composite score must be minimum of 24
  4. In Tawjihi Exams in Jordan and Palestine, for Science classes, test score average must be minimum 90,
  5. In Baccalaureate Libanais Exam in Lebanon, in Science stream, GPA must be at least 70 or above (out of 100)
  6. Applicant who hold International  Baccalaureate diploma, depending on the program of which GPA is used : to have minimum 28 out of 32,
  7. To have gold, silver or bronze medal won in one of the science olympics TÜBİTAK recognizes and participates,
  8. To score a maximum of 4 on ABİTUR test,
  9. To score minimum 490 out of 750 for score type of target program in Gaokao University Entrance Exam in China,
  10. To score at least 240 for Science Stream programs, for quantitative/verbal at least 190, for others at least 175 in Al–Shahada–Al–Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate) in Syria
  11. To score minimum 195 for Science and Engineering Faculties, For other programs minimum 185 in Al– Shada –Al –Thanawiya (Baccalaureate) in Libya,
  12. Must have  at least 12/20 on Diplome Debirestan and a  high school GPA of minimum 12/20
  13. To have at least 40% of (or above) full score in University Entrance Exam in Greece,  
  14. To have at least 50%  of (or above) full score in University Entrance/ High School Graduation Exam in Macedonia, 
  15. To have at least 40% of or above full score in University Entrance/ High School Graduation Exam in Kosovo,
  16. To hold French Baccalaureate diploma and a minimum GPA of 12,
  17. Have a minimum high school GPA of 40 on 100-point scale, having an international high school graduation test scores or national high school graduation certificate. If the applicant is from a country where thesetests are not administered, they must have an official document showing high school GPA and certified by the related high school administration,  
  18. To have scored at least 60 on Ujian Akhir National Exam in Indonesia,  
  19. To have scored at least 40 on Turkish Republics and Related Communities Exam,
  20. To have scored at least 140 for associate degree programs and 180 for undergraduate programs,
  21. To own a certicifate/test scores for a criteria that is not listed here but accepted by Council of Higher Education

Application Requirements

ARTICLE 7 – (1) Applicant must apply in person or by mail by sending their signed application form along with other documents to Sinop University International Student Office.

(2) Applications not received on time due to a delay in postal service will not be taken into consideration.

(3) Applications of applicants who applied later than due date or who are missing a document are not evaluated.


Evaluation, Placement, Replacement, Results Announcement, Visa Process and International Student Office

Application Evaluation and Placement Process,

  1. MADDE 8 – (1) Application evaluations and placements are performed by Sinop University International Student Admission Committee. In this committee, there are vice rector who is in charge of Office of Student Affairs, Head of Student Affairs, 3 professors assigned by the Rector and International Student Office staff.    
  2. During placement process, priority is of applicants who took an international student entrance exam administered by Turkish universities. After placing them applicants are placed into remaining quotas based on their scores of other criteria and international exams stated above. Finally, high school GPA is used to place remaining applicants.
  3. The equivalence of the exams required for application is determined by Internetional Student Admission Committee. Applicantss’ high school GPAs and test scores are initially converted to 100-point scale.  Only applications of applicants who have a GPA and test score of 40 or above are evaluated.
  4. If multiple applicants have the equal scores, first, secondary education GPAs, if the scores are again equal, Turkish Language proficiency exam results are  used for placement. Finally, if the applicants still have the same scores, younger applicant is placed into the program.
  5. Later, based on test scores, lists of placement and replacement applicants are created.
  6. The number of applicants on replacement list cannot be more than the number of placement students.
  7. (Changed: 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.),If any of the placed applicants do not register, one of the replacement applicant is placed into the available spot.
  8. (Changed: 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.) Applicants who are admitted to a program must apply in person with their necessary documents to the Registrar Office within the announced time frame. If they fail to do so, they will no longer be eligible for registration. Instead, replacement students will be admitted into the programs.

Replacement Process

ARTICLE 9 – (1) After the admission and registration process is complete, additional placements may be performed with the approval of the Senate. With reference to this;

  1. Remaining quotas, quota transfer between programs, application to these quotas, admission and registration calendar is determined and announced by the university senate.
  2. Evaluation of remaining quota applications, admissions and registrations are carried out in accordance with the provisions under Article 8.

Announcement of Results and Visa Process

ARTICLE 10– (1)   After the admission proces is finalized, names of the admitted and replacement applicants will be announced on http://www.sinop.edu.tr. Applicants will not be notified through an acceptance letter.

  1. (Değişik: 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.)Applicants who are admitted to the university may pick up their acceptance letter at the international student office or they may request it to be sent to the address they provided in written.

International Student Office

ARTICLE 11– (1) The main duty of International Student Office is to provide guidence to international students and ensure that they don’t experience any difficulties during their studies.  .

  1. Helps students participate in the educational, social and cultural activities.
  2. Participates in the international educational exhibitions to enhance the familiarity between our university and other universities’ cultures and introduces our university’s cultural and social structure to other institutions.
  3. Works collaboratively with the Office of Press, Media and Public Affairs to design and create introductory materials to recruit international students.
  4. Provides consulting services to international students to help them meet their social and cultural needs and solve the problems related to their assimilation and studies inTurkey.


Registration, Documents required for registration, Turkish language proficiency level, Contribution and tuition fees


ARTICLE 12 –(1) (Changed: 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.)Registrations of students who are admitted to the university are performed by the international student registrar office.

  1. Registrations of students who submitted false and fabricated documents will be terminated and necessary legal steps will be taken.

Documents required for registration

ARTICLE 13 – (1) From students who are admitted to the university;

  1. Original copy of high school diploma and accreditation document which verifies that your diploma is equivalent of a Turkish high school diploma (you could obtain the accreditation  certificate from directorates of National Education Ministry or Turkish Embassy in your home country).
  2. Original copy and certified Turkish translation of university entrance exam and/or equivalent of high school graduation exam results,
  3. Original or certified copy of exam results (For applicants who took international student entrance exam administered by Turkish universities), 
  4. (Changed: 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.) Submisson of the passport along with a copy of it,
  5. Financial eligibility document verifying that the applicant has sufficient fundings to pursue their education in Turkey and/or a written statement signed by the applicant,
  6. Bank receipt verifying that student has paid the tuition fees,
  7. Original or certified copy of Turkish Language Proficiency document,
  8. 4 passport photos taken within last six months.
    1. (Senato- 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.) Students who finalized their registrations to the university must apply to the Province Directorate of İmmigrant Management in person, with a student/registration certificate. Upon receiving their residence permit, they must submit it to the international student office within 60 days. This duration cannot be extended unless the delay has been caused by Province Directorate of İmmigrant Management.
  9. (Senate: 28/05/2015-2015/61 S.D.) Students who completed their university registration  must apply to the Social Security Institution for General Health Insurance procedures as stated by the related articles of 5510 Social Insurance and Genral Health Insurance law.

Turkish Language Proficiency Level

ARTICLE 14 – (1) Turkish language proficiency level of students are determined based on their scores on Turkish exam administered at our university and other national universities or scores received on exams administered by other institutions and accepted by our university.

  1. Turkish proficiency levels;
  1. Level A : The student is proficient in Turkish and may immediately begin their studies,
  2. Level B : Student is not proficient enough but may improve their Turkish in a short period of time therefore may begin their studies on condition of taking Turkish courses,
  3. Level C: Student is not proficient. They may begin their studies after taking Turkish language courses for a year.
    1. Students who hold a Turkish language proficiency document may immediately begin attending classes. On the other hand, students who are not proficient in Turkish are excused for a year by the university in order to study Turkish and improve their proficiency level. At the end of one year excuse, students who still don’t have a Turkish proficiency document will be excused for another year. Students who cannot present the Turkish proficiency document at the end of two year excuse are expelled from the university.
    2. The accreditation of Turkish language proficiency reports obtained from other national universities and institutions are determined by international student admission committee.
    3. Our university administers a Turkish language proficiency exam. Details about the exam are announced on university website (http://www.sinop.edu.tr).

Contribution and tuition fee

ARTICLE 15 – (1) International student tuition fee rates are determined by the Administrative Board of the University pursuant to the Council of Ministers’ decree of establishing contribution and tuition fees that are paid by students as contribution to the current service cost.


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions


ARTICLE 16 –This directive is effective from the date it is approved by the University Senate.


ARTICLE 17 – This directive is implemented by the Rector of Sinop University.


-Accepted with the University Senate Decision dated 06/03/2014 and numbered 2014/26.

-Changed with the University Senate Decision dated 28/05/2015 and numbered 2015/61.