For Turkish Students

Candidates desiring to enroll at the undergraduate programs or associate degrees of Mersin University need to take two stage exam conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). First, students take the Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS). Those who pass the YGS (minimum 140 points) are then entitled to take the Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) (Those who have the right to enroll in a program without an exam are exempt from this rule). Candidates have to obtain points between 140.000-179.999 to be eligible to enroll in two-year vocational higher education and open/distance education programs and a minimum of 180 points (out of 500 points) for all four-year undergraduate programs in the Placement Examination. The overall point of the OSYM candidates are calculated together with the points they get from YGS, LYS and their cumulative grade point averages in the secondary school. Those placed at Mersin University as a result of LYS gain the right to enroll on the dates specified by OSYM and announced by our university. 

Students are admitted to the Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Jewelry Design and Technology, School of Physical Education and Sports and to the graduate program of the State Conservatory in accordance with the provisions of necessary YGS and Special Aptitude Exam scores via e-registration in accordance with the general regulations about application and admission of students to Mersin University. Students are supposed to get necessary points and requirements determined for the expected academic year to enroll to these departments. 

The admission procedures are carried out by the Student Affairs Office in Mersin University. Also, guidebooks for education and training in Mersin University are distributed to students during the registration process.

Admission of the Foreign Students

As of 2010-2011 academic  year,  universities have the right to define the admission criteria for foreign national students  provided that this criteria is approved by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK).  
The quotas of foreign national students for the programs of MEÜ, which are suggested by the board  of the related  MEÜ department and accepted by the Senate of MEÜ, are  announced at website. ( www.mersin.edu.tr  .)
The admission of foreign students to  one of the undergraduate programs  is based on results of MEÜYÖS ( The Examination of Mersin University for Foreign National   Students). In addition to this, the placement of foreign students is based on  either  score of an international examination like SAT, ACT or high school diploma score.

Nationals of Turkish Republic or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus who have  completed their high-school education abroad , excluding Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and have reached ‘scores’ as per avove table will be evaluated and placed according to their preferences within announced quota.
Beginning of the education of foreign national students, placed to programs which are instructed in Turkish , depends on the score of turkish test within  MEÜYÖS)  or    the Test of Proficiency for Turkish Language (TRYES) executed by MEÜ or score of any Turkish test executed by Turkish Education Centers of other Turkish universities. 
Prospective students, placed to the programs which are instructed in foreign language, should submit the certification of the required score of International Foreign Language Examinations which is accepted by the Council of Universities of Turkey at the registration.



The institutes announce the names of the graduate programs, the quotas of Turkish citizens and foreign students, necessary documents for admission, deadline and other important points. The announcements are made once or twice a year before the beginning of each semester.
Candidates of graduate programs can apply to the related department with the documents required. Documents can be original or confirmed duplicate of the original document.
During the admission procedure, a transaction is made for the status of military service obligation and judicial case history record according to the declaration of the candidate. Also, the documents that the candidate submitted during the admission are not required again.
The requirements for the candidates applying to graduate programs are listed below:

  1. Candidates applying for the Master's Programs must hold an undergraduate degree. Those applying for the PhD programs may apply with a BA or an MA degree.
  2. The candidates who completed their undergraduate or graduate education abroad must have a diploma equivalence from the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).
  3. Applicants for masters degrees and doctorate degrees of MA or BA graduates, are required to take the Entrance Test for the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education (ALES) (the result of the test is valid for 3 years) and have minimum 55 points. Applicants for doctorate degrees of undergraduates are required to have minimum 90 ALES points out of 100 or minimum3.50 cumulative grade point average out of 4.00. Applicants can also submit their Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) results equivalent to ALES score of 55.
  4. If a candidate applies for a doctorate degree after completing a masters degree just after one semester and if he/she has already had a necessary ALES score defined by the Senate, he/she is not required to take the ALES exam again. ALES score is not required from the candidates applying to the faculty of Fine Arts and the State Conservatory.
  5. The applicant must submit a required score of a foreign language exam like Foreign Language Examination for Civil Servants (KPDS), Proficiency Exam for Academicians (ÜDS) which are national English proficiency exams or a required proficiency exam result accepted by the Interuniversity Council (UAK).
  6. Applicants for a doctorate program or a program of proficiency in art must submit minimum UDS score of 55.00 or a required score of a proficiency exam accepted by UAK.
  7. In order to apply for a doctorate program in Basic Medical Sciences, the graduates of Faculty of Medicine are required to have a minimum 65.00 cumulative grade point average of undergraduate degree out of 100 and minimum standard 60 ALES points or a minimum 50.00 points of basic medicine. The basic medicine point is gained by adding the standard point of the first part of the Basic Medicine Sciences Test multiplied with 0.7 and the standard point of clinical medicine sciences multiplied with 0.3.


For graduate programs, the international candidates have to meet departmental prerequisites and requirements.


To study in Mersin University as an exchange student, there should be a current bilateral agreement between the institutions which students want to go. Administrative procedures of exchange students are carried out by the International Cooperations Office.
Through Erasmus, the students from all levels in the departments (undergraduate, graduate, doctorate) which have bilateral agreement can apply if they provide the following criteria.
1. a-) The overall academic average for the undergraduate students is required at least 2.0/4 or 70/100, 
b-) The overall academic average for the masters or doctorate students is required 
at least 2.5/4, or 75/100.

2. The students who apply this program must have not studied abroad before with
Erasmus Student Exchange Program.
3. Sophomore, junior and senior students can apply.
4. The students who provide the following criteria can benefit from Erasmus: 

According to the special agreements between Republic of Turkey (TR) and the other countries which do not participate in the program, students who are the citizens of other countries and who are in Higher Institutions in Turkey are not treated as a citizen of Turkey within the context of Erasmus Program. 

P.S: Student Mobility Studies must cover the same academic year and cannot be less than 3 months or cannot last more than 12 months.
Erasmus Student Mobility Studies are announced in January/ February in every Academic year. The deadline for applications and required information are announced on our university web page ( www.mersin.edu.tr) and advertised on the departments and news boards.
Before declared deadline, students are required to submit the documents indicated below to the faculty/department/vocational school Erasmus Coordinator.