Application conditions

The success or support scholarships have been awarded to certain students who study in our university and carry the requirements in terms of Prime minister’s directorate of Turks living abroad and related Communities. Our students coming from Syria, Yemen, Mali, Bangladesh and Guinea have been studying at the faculty of Architecture, Higher vocational of health, the Faculty of Letters, Higher Vocational of Tourism, the Faculty of Anthropology and Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. The priority and reserve candidates have obtained the right to enrol will have the right to study in our university provided that they meet the following requirements.  


Required Documents

  1. Online output of application or Acceptance Letter
  2. Original high school diploma and its Turkish notarized translation
  3. Equivalency certificate of the candidate’s high school diploma to be taken from Turkish Ministry of Education or from Turkish embassy.
  4. Original transcription and its Turkish translation certified by the Turkish embassy of respective country.
  5. Certificate of TÖMER
  6. Original document of exam results
  7. Education explanation, the copy of passport with visa and its Turkish notarized translation (the candidates who don’t have a student visa cannot enrol.)
  8. Certified copy of permit of residence for studying (copy of blue card for those who have blue cards)
  9. A copy of ID for the students who have dual nationality (can be obtained from registration offices)
  10. 6 photographs of 4.5x6cm in size.
  11. Student information form (completed and singed)
  12. Bank receipt of tuition fee
  13. Certificate of good health from a fully fledged hospital for the students who want to enrol to the Higher vocational of health.



The students who lack the TÖMER certificate will take this test in order to prove that their Turkish is enough. After the test the students who are successful will start to study in the university. Those who are unsuccessful will start to study in TÖMER for one year in order to improve their Turkish. After one year, those whose Turkish does not reach a high enough level will lose their right to study in Mardin Artuklu University.