For International Students

In Turkey, application requirements of higher education programs for international students are determined by the universities as long as it is approved by the Higher Education Council (YOK). For the programmes offered by the university, international students will be accepted among the following categories: the senior students in high school or the graduates and the candidates who have the sufficient scores in the relevant exams (http://ogisnew.maltepe.edu.tr/yabanci-uyruklu-ogrenciler).

However, the applications of students with following characteristics cannot be accepted.

  1. Foreign students who are expelled from a higher education institution in Turkey because of disciplinary punishment.
  2. Turkish citizens, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizens, who has dual nationality of Republics of Turkish and Northern Cyprus.
  3. Among the students who have been out of citizenship of  Republics of Turkey or Northern Cyprus since 2011 while having dual nationality and completed the high school in Turkey or  Northern-Cyprus.
  4. Northern-Cyprus citizen students who study high school in Northern Cyprus.

Foreign students to the undergraduate programmes at Maltepe University are accepted according to the scores they get from the international exams such as SAT, ACT etc.  or their high school grades. The validity of these exams which have the same status as the university entrance exam (such as SAT) is for two years. The exams which have the same status as the high school exit exam (Abitur, International Baccalaureate, GCE, Tawjihi etc.) do not have a limit to their validity.

In order to apply for an undergraduate programme in Maltepe University, foreign students need to take one of the exam scores or diploma grade stated in the list below.

The high school graduation grade of the foreign students who haven’t taken these exams or had the diploma grades must be at least 60 out of 100 or an equivalent one. After completing the application procedures, the applications of the candidates are evaluated on the basis of available quotas.

The exam scores or diploma grades needed for the graduate programs at Maltepe University for foreign students:Please Click Here