Potential Candidates

a)  On the condition of being senior year in a high school or a graduate of the same, following can apply:

1) Foreign nationals,

2) Those who are Turkish citizens by birth and permitted to cease from Turkish citizenship by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and their underage children who are recorded in Turkish Citizenship Renunciation Document and has the "Kanunla Tanınan Hakların Kullanılmasına İlişkin Belge" recognized by Law No. 5203 (Article 7 under the Law for Turkish Citizenship Numbered 5901 stipulates “(1) Who is born of a Turkish national mother or father or into marriage union inside or outside Turkey is considered a Turkish national.” Potential candidates from abroad are suggested to check the Law for Turkish Citizenship.)  

3) Those who have dual nationality; foreign nationals by birth and acquired Turkish citizenship afterward,

4) Those who are Turkish nationals completing their secondary education in a foreign country other than Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) (including those who completely studied in Turkish schools in a foreign country other than TRNC),

 5) Those who are TRNC nationals, residing in TRNC and completing the secondary education in TRNC with GCE AL exam scores, and TRNC nationals registered and educated in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010 and who have or will have GCE AL exam scores.

b) Following will not be accepted:

1) Those who are Turkish Republic (TR) nationals and studied in high school completely in Turkey or TRNC,

2) Those who are TRNC nationals (except for those who have completed their high school education in TRNC and have the result papers for GCE AL exams and those registered and educated in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010 and who have or will have GCE AL exam scores),

3) Those who are double nationals whose first nationality is TC by birth as specified in subparagraph 2 under paragraph a (except from those who have completed last three years of their high school education in a foreign country other than TRNC (except for those who completed their secondary education in a foreign country other than TRNC/those who completely studied in Turkish schools in a foreign country other than TRNC),  

4) Those who are double nationals one of which is TRNC (except for those who completed their secondary education in high schools in TRNC and have GCE AL examination score and those registered and educated in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010 and who have or will have GCE AL exam scores),  

5) Turkish nationals who studied in schools affiliated with embassies in Turkey as well as in foreign high schools in Turkey and those who are double nationals whose first nationality is TC by birth as specified in subparagraph 2 under paragraph a.

Required Documents for Application 

  1. Application Form MS WORD or PDF (to be completed by typing)
  2. Certified copy and translation of High School Diploma and transcript 
  3. Photocopy and translation of exam score paper 
  4. Bank receipt showing payment of the application fee (50 USD)

Application fee must be deposited in the following bank account or transferred by wire.

Bank          : Halk Bankası Kilis Şubesi

IBAN NO  : TR720001200968000058000053


 Application and Choice Requirements

    1) International student applications can be sent by mail, internet or can be made in person. In the case of applying via Kilis 7 Aralık University web site, the application form should be signed and scanned along with the other documents, and should be e-mailed to the Registrar’s Office international@kilis.edu.tr by deadline. Late applications will not be reviewed.

     2) Candidates are required to have at least base points from following examinations and satisfy other requirements. For those that have not taken any of the mentioned examinations, success points they were awarded in their high school or equivalent of graduation are taken into consideration.

a) Minimum total 1000 points from SAT I,

b) Minimum 21 points from ACT (American College Testing),

c) A Level Certificate from GCE (General Certificate Education / A Level Certificate) exam (minimum 2 courses),

d) Those having I.B. (International Baccalaureate) International Baccalaureate Diploma and minimum diploma grade of 28 depending on the department to be applied,

e) Minimum 4 points from ABITUR (German Baccalaureate),

f) Those having FRENCH Baccalaureate Diploma and minimum diploma grade of 12,

g) As for TAWJİHİ exam held in JORDAN and PALESTINE, minimum 80 points out of 100 including all courses in Scientific Stream,

h) As for the BACCALAUREATE held in LEBANON (Baccalaureat Libanais), those having with minimum diploma grade of 14 in Scientific Stream,

ı) As for AL-SAHADA-AL TAHANAWİYYA (Syria, Libya Baccalaureate), minimum 180 points out of 240 in Scientific Stream for Engineering-Architecture Faculties; minimum 170 points for other departments,

i) As for the university entrance exam held in Public Republic of China (GAOKAO), minimum 480 points out of 750 valid for the program applied,

j) As for Turkish Republics and Turkish and Relative Communities Exam (TCS ), minimum 50 points,

k) As for Iranian candidates; those with minimum average diploma grade (Diplome Debirestan) of 17/20 and those with minimum "Pishdaneshgahi" graduation grade of 17/20,

l) Those holding MATURA certificate,

m) Those awarded golden, silver and bronze medals and honor prize in International Scientific Olympics recognized and supported by TÜBİTAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Researches Institution).

n) Those becoming successful at International Student Selection Examination held by Turkish universities,

     3) Information, explanations and special conditions, if any, about applications will be announced through the web site of the university.

     4) Candidates can apply to three programs maximum.

Evaluation and Announcement of Results

1-The evaluation and placement of international student candidates are made by a special committee appointed by the Rector.

2-If the general cumulative grades are equal during the placement; the newer graduates will be ranked in priority.

3- During the placement, within the quota for each department, a primary list and a substitute list for successful candidates will be announced according to the exam results taken. If any candidates from the primary list do not register, then an equal number of candidates from the substitute list will be accepted for registration. Those who do not register until the deadlines will lose their chance for registration.

4- The successful candidates from primary and substitute list and required documents for registration are announced at http://www.kilis.edu.tr/english. The registration will be accepted on the deadlines announced on the webpage.

5- The final results of placement are announced on university webpage. An “Invitation Letter” for successful candidates is sent to their declared addresses.


Important Dates for Application


Application.............................................: 18 June-07 August, 2014

Evaluation..............................................: 12-16 August 2014              

Announcement of the results.................: 19 August 2014

Registration for Primary List.................: 09-16 September 2014

Registration for Substitute List.............: 17-20 September 2014 

Turkish Language Proficiency Exam.....: 24 September 2014


Medium of Education and Turkish Language Proficiency Levels

1)  The medium of education in the university is Turkish.

2) Turkish proficiency levels are determined according to the DOMER regulations accepted by University Senate on 06.02.2013, meeting number 03. Students who do not take or cannot pass the proficiency exam will take one year off to learn the language and pass the exam.

3) Students can participate in the Turkish language course organized by DOMER. The Turkish course details will be announced later on the webpage.

4) Those who cannot pass the proficiency after one year will be unregistered.

 Documents for Registration:

  1. Candidates with their acceptance letters need to take a “Student’s Visa” from any Turkish Mission.
  2. Students who already reside in Turkey can take a “Residence Permit” instead of a visa from Provincial Security Directorates.
  3. High School Diploma and its Turkish translation certified by a Turkish Consulate or public notary.
  4. Original copy of Diploma Certificate of Equivalence taken from TR Ministry of National Education, Provincial Directorate of National Education or Turkish Missions.
  5. Official Transcript (Grade Record) showing grades and courses taken at high school and its Turkish translation certified by a Turkish Mission or public notary.
  6. The print-out of the YOS exam result done by Turkish universities.
  7. Certified Turkish translation of the passport page with student visa bearing the photograph, identity information and expiry dates.
  8. Certified copy of an internationally recognized Turkish Language Proficiency exam
  9. 6 pieces of passport photographs taken within last 6 months as 4,5x6,0,
  10. Bank receipt showing payment of the tuition fee
  11. Signed Guarantee certificate to ensure continuation of university education
  12. Identity Number for Foreigners
  13. Health Report (University may demand it as issued by a health institution in Turkey when necessary)


Registration is done in person at the Registrar’s Office between the dates announced on the web page.

Registration Address

Kilis 7 Aralık Üniversitesi

Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığı


Telephone: +90-348-814-2666- Ext: 1347/1925/1207

E-Mail : ogrenci@kilis.edu.tr



International Student Obligations

International students are obliged;

a) To act according to Turkish laws and bring necessary documents (Identity Number etc.),

b) To get a residence permit before academic year (Within 1 month after getting a student visa),

c) To give a student certificate to security units every year, concerning residence permit,

d) To fulfill the conditions by Code 5510, regarding their General Health Insurance,

e) To inform the Registrar’s Office in 15 days regarding any change on their personal, marital and educational status,

f) To renew their residence permit every year, within 15 days after its expiration from security officials, on condition that they go on with their education,

g) To get new residence permits and passports within 15 days in case they lose them,

h) To inform local security officials in 48 hours if they change their addresses and phone numbers