For Foreign Students
In accordance with the principles specified by the Turkish Council of Higher Education and determined by the university senate, placements of the international students in the specified programmes are realized according to the prospective students' preference, considering their high-school grade point averages and the results of general exams made in prospective students' own countries.
Master and Doctoral Education
An Undergraduate degree of at least 4 years (Turkish students who completed undergraduate programmes in foreign countries must have the certificate of equivalence taken from OSYM)
At least 55,000 in ALES in the relevantfield the prospective student will apply for (or having equivalent point in GRE or GREMAT exams specified below.)
A minimum score of50 out of 100 in the foreign language test given by Kırıkkale University the Department of Foreign Languages, or an equivalent score in YDS or another language test recognized by OSYM also qualify. The result of the foreign language test is valid for 2 years.
Doctoral Programmes:
A master’s degree. (Graduates of the Faculties of Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Medicine, which give at least ten semesters of undergraduate education except for the preparatory classes, and graduates of College of Science and the Faculty of Pharmacy, whoobtained the authority of expertise in accordance with the regulations specified by the Ministry of Health, can apply for the doctoral programmeswithout a master's degree on condition thatthey have at least 65 undergraduate GPA out of 100.)
A minimum score of 55,000 in ALES in the field the prospective student will apply for (or having equivalent score in GRE or GREMAT exams)
A minimum score of 55,000 in YDS (Foreign Language Test), or having the equivalent score from an exam eligible for OSYM.