Aim, Scope, Basis and Definition of Terms


ARTICLE 1 – (1) ) The aim of this directive is to regulate the principles regarding international students acceptance to İstanbul Şişli Vocational Schoool.


ARTICLE 2 – (1) This directive comprises quotas, applications, admissions and evaluation provisions concerning international students admissons.


ARTICLE 3 – (1) This directive has been prepared on the basis of Higher Education Law numbered 2547 and Higher Education Council decisions dated 21.01.2010, 18.02.2010, 17.03.2010, 25.05.2011, 25.08.2011 and 13.02.2013, taken in Higher Education General Council Meetings.

Definiton of Terms

ARTICLE 4 – (1) The following terms appear in this directive refer to:

a) VOCATIONAL SCHOOL: İstanbul Şişli Vocational School,

b) TR: Turkish Republic,

c) TRNC: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,

d) FLPESE: Foreign Language Proficiency Examination for State Employees,

e) ICFLE: Interuniversity Council Foreign Language Exam,

f) TOEFL: Test Of English As a Foreign Language,

g) IELTS: International English Language Testing System,

h) FSE: Foreign Students Exam,

d) Board of Trustee: İstanbul Şişli Vocational School Board of Trustee,

e) SSPC: Student Selection and Placement Center,

f) DIRECTOR: İstanbul Şişli Vocational Director,

g) HEC: Higher Education Council.


Principles of Accepting International Students


ARTICLE 5- (1) Vocational School’s programs’- which will accepts students - quotas are determined by Vocational School’s Administrative Committee.

(2) Determined quotas and conditions are reported to Student Selection and Placement Center

(OSYM) and Higher Education Institution (YÖK)

(3) Concerning acceptance of students from abroad to Istanbul Şişli Vocational School; in case of having no application or not having enough application to fill a program’s quota, quotas can be added to any program of Istanbul Şişli Vocational School. 

Terms of application

ARTICLE  6 (1) Candidates who are studying abroad at high schools and their equivalents can apply programs which Vocational School announced to accept students provided that having the conditions listed below;

A- Applicants;


a- Provided that being at final year of the high school or being newly graduated;


1) Foreign Applicants,


2) Applicants who are Turkish citizens by birth and who have permission to cease to be a Turkish citizen and their children who are registered in their declaration of alienage but haven’t reached legal age according to Turkish Citizenship Law they get a Usage Document of Given Rights and who can certificate that they own it, (In accordance with the law no : 5091; 7th. Article of Turkish Citizenship Law “(1) Child who was born in Turkey or not, in union marriage from mother of father is Turkish citizen.” as this law is in Turkish Citizenship Law it is beneficial for applicants to investigate Turkish Citizenship Law.)


3) Applicants who pass who take Turkey’s citizenship as they are foreign and who have dual nationality,


4) Turkish applicants and completed their secondary education in a foreign country except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) (applicants who completed their secondary education in a country except TRNC in Turkish School is included)


5) Applications of students who have TRNC citizenship; inhabiting in TRNC and have finished their secondary education in TRNC and who have GCE AL exam results and who registered to schools and colleges in other countries between 2005-2010 and have GCE AL exam results or who is going to have exam results by having education are accepted.


B- The application of;


1) TR citizens who have completed their entire secondary education in Turkey or in TRNC.


2)TRNC citizens ( except for those who have completed their entire secondary education in any Cyprus High School and have GCE AL exam results and who enrolled and studied in colleges and high schools of other countries and have GCE AL exam results or will have.)


3) Dual citizens whose first nationality is TR by birth as defined clause a, sub clause 2 (except for those who completed the entire secondary education in a foreign country other than Cyprus/ in Turkish schools in a foreign country other than Cyprus)


4)Dual citizens whose one of the nationalities is TR ( except for those who have completed their entire secondary education in any Cyprus High School and have GCE AL exam results and who enrolled and studied in colleges and high schools of other countries and have GCE AL exam results or will have.)


5) TR citizens who study in schools contained within Turkish embassies and foreign high schools in Turkey or dual citizens whose first nationality is TR by birth as defined clause a, sub clause 2 is unacceptable.



C- Exam types and base points that will be accepted during the application process

ARTICLE 7 – (1) The evaluation of the applications made in the frame of these instructions is made through the exams specified in the attached list.New examinations and acceptance principles can be added to the specified list of exams.

 (2) The validation period of the exams which are at the same level with  university entrance exam is 2 years. There is no limitation for the validatiy period for the exams which are for exit test of high school.

(3) Other than the specified exams in the attached list, Examination for Foreign Students made by other universities in Turkey are accepted as well.


Application format and application documents

ARTICLE 8 – (1) The candidates apply to the Student Affairs’ Office individually within the dates signified in Sisli Vocational School Academic Calendar.


 (2) Documents for Application:

(a) Application form,

(b) The notary certified translation or Foreign Respresentative Office certified translation of high school diploma or/and certificate of education which is taken from the schools of students who are to graduate at the date of application.

(c) The notary certified translation or Foreign Respresentative Office certified translation of official transcript which shows the course list and grades.

 (d) The Foreign  Representative Office certified sample of exam result of the applicants who have national and/or international exam result approved by Graduate School Commission.

 (e) The pages of the passport that show its credentials and validity period and its Turkish translation which are accredited by a notary public in their own countries or from the Turkish Foreign Representatives.

 (f) Two passport-size photos.


Evaluation of applications

ARTICLE 9 – (1) The evaluation and acceptance of the students from a foreign country is carried out by the Evaluation Comission put together by Vocational School Commission within the dates specified on academic calender. Vocational School has the right to complete or not to complete the quota. Having all the requirements of the application doesn’t mean to be necessarily accepted.The attached list shows the required exams and and min. scores to be taken.Applications of the students who have lower scores than the mentioned min. score and the ones who haven’t met the other requirements are not evaluated. Evaluation process is finalized with the approval of Vocational School Administrative Board. An official letter of acceptance is sent to accepted students to make them take Education Annotated Visa.


ARTICLE 10 – (1) Medium of education is Turkish in vocational school program.

(2) Turkish level of foreign students is determined via the written and oral Turkish placement test by vocational school. Candidates who get a point over 70 from 100 can start education. Candidates who have a score between 50-70 can start education yet they attend to the Turkish course which is provided by vocational school and free of charge. Students who get a score lower than 50 start Turkish preparation class which is not free of charge. At the end of this process, students who successfully finish the course start their first year of program which they have registered. Students who fail to pass the preparation class are given 1 year of additional time period. Students who failed at the end of this process are broken off with Vocational School.

(3) Students who certify that they have graduated with a score above 70 of 100 from courses, opened by agencies at abroad and bounded to State of the Republic of Turkey, official organizations and institutions and Turkish courses which are opened by Turkish Universities’ Turkish Learning Centers or who can certify that they have gotten a score above 70 of 100 from the fore mentioned courses’ exemption exam are exempted from Turkish placement exam.


Registration and necessary documents

ARTICLE 11 – (1) Registrations are held by Student Affairs Unit on specified dates in academic calendar. 

(2) For final registration to Vocational School, necessary documents are below:

a) Bank receipt showing that education fee has been paid in.

b) High school diploma or for newly graduate students whose diplomas are not arranged yet on final registration date via original temporary graduation certificate and its Turkish translation approved by Turkish Foreign Representation Offices.

c) Original certificate of equivalence which is taken from T.C Ministry of National Education which shows that the high school diploma is equal to the ones in Turkish high school.

d) Academic record (transcript) that has been approved by high school management showing the courses and scores which candidate has taken during her/his high school with its Turkish translation approved by Turkish Foreign Representation Offices.

e) Candidates’ who have national or international exam result transcripts, original or approved attested copy exam result transcripts.

f) Certain pages of passport that show information of identification and validity date and Turkish translation of the pages that are approved by notary or Turkish Foreign Representation Offices.

g) “Student Visa” received from Turkish Foreign Representation Offices.

g) If available Foreign Language Certificate and Turkish Proficiency Certificate’s sample approved by Turkish Foreign Representation Offices that has validity internationally

i) Inhabitation license (Must be delivered to Students Affairs Office among a month after registration)

j) 6 current photos 4,5 by 6  (sizes: 4,5 x 6)




ARTICLE 12 – (1) Fees are annually determined by Board of Overseers in response to Vocational School Board of Management.

Amount of Assurance

ARTICLE 13 – (1) The financial interests of foreign students, the amount and form of financial assurance showing that it would provide the opportunity to continue their education in Turkey is determined by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of Vocational School Administrative Committee.




Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

Education and Training

ARTICLE 14 – (1) İstanbul Şişli Vocational School Associate Degree Education and Examination Regulations published in the Official Gazette No. 28551 dated 06.02.2013 and other relevant legislation provisions are carried out for accepted students in terms of education-related issues. In cases where there aren’t provisions in this directive, the provisions of other relevant legislation are applied.


ARTICLE 15 – (1) This directive enters into force with Vocational School Administrative Committee's decision.


ARTICLE 16 – (1)  This Directive’s provisions are implemented by the İstanbul Şişli Vocational School Director.