Students From Abroad

Foreign students and Turkish citizens, who have had high school education abroad, have right to become student at Istanbul Medeniyet University. Prospective students who want to apply for Istanbul Medeniyet University as foreign students are required to pass successfully the IMUYOS Exam or the YOS exams of other Turkish universities which are accepted by IMU Senate. Also, some national and international exams which are listed on the Regulation for Application and Registration of Foreign Students at Istanbul Medeniyet University are accepted for application.

How to Apply?

Prospective students who wish to apply for Istanbul Medeniyet University as foreign students should follow the announcements on our website. Application dates and requirements are announced on our website in May and June every year. Candidates can apply online on application dates.

How the Application Process is completed?

Prospective students, who wish to take IMUYOS Exam for their application, are given document for entering the exam.


Prospective students, who successfully pass the IMUYOS Exam, or who have required points for other accepted exams, are listed according to success rating.

Required Documents for Registration:

  1. The resulting documents for IMUYOS or YOS Exams of other universities which are accepted by IMU Senate or other national and international exams accepted by IMU.
  2. High school diploma and diploma equivalency certificate
  3. Transcript
  4. Student visa from foreign delegations
  5. Notarized passport
  6. Residence permit
  7. 4 (four) photographs
  8. Receipt of tuition fees
  9. Foreign language proficiency certificate (if applicable)
  10. Turkish language proficiency certificate (if applicable)
  11. Fully fledged medical report for medical departments
  12. Declaration of financial security

You can follow application dates on our university website or on website of the Student Affairs Department.

Quotas for 2014-2015 Academic Year

Faculty of Political Sciences

Economics 4

International Relations 4

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

History 4

Turkish Language and Literature 4

Philosophy 4