Admission Requirements for Foreign Students

With condition that candidates are in last class or graduated;

  1. Foreign national people,
  2. Those citizens who had Turkish citizenship when they were born but ceased to be citizen of Turkey with the permission of Interior Ministry of Turkish Republic and their underage children registered to this permission and had the document for the use of rights recognized by Law No.5023
  3. Students who are Turkish or TRNC citizens, and completed high school education in foreign country out of TRNC,
  4. Foreign students who come to Turkey within the framework of scholarship agreements between Turkish government and foreign governments or foreign students who want to study at the departments of our University with their own means can apply.

Application Deadline: Next Fall Semestr in 2014


University Registration and Admission Requirements

Required grades for International examinations

  1. SAT score of 1000 out of 1600 points,
  2. Tawjihi: 60 out of 100 points,
  3. GCE: To be A level in two issues related to the program
  4. Baccalaureate Libanais: 60 out of 100 points,
  5. International Baccalaureate: To have International Baccalaureate Diploma and a diploma score must be at least 20 points,
  6. GAOKAO: 400 points out of 750,
  7. Al-Shahada-Al-Thanawijya (Syria): the Baccalaureate exam which is in Syria, a diploma score must be 15 points out of 20,
  8. Kazakh National University Test: at least 70 points out of 120

 Student should have the means to continue education in Turkey (in addition to tuition fee)

Two-year degree (Vocational School for Higher Education): 5000 $ +value added tax

Bachelor degree (Faculties): 10000 $ +value added tax