Aim and Scope:

Article 1 - This instruction includes the rules to the selection of the undergradute students to study at the faculty and schools of Istanbul Science  University and their direction to the Turkish languge Preperation class .

Application Requirements

Article 2 - Candidates to Apply :

• a) In case they are ​​High school seniors or graduates  ;
    1) Of those who are foreigners ,
    2) Of Turkish citizens by birth who get permission from the Ministry of Interior to renounce turkish citizenchip who have proved that they have documents regarding to  their minor children who are registered on Turkish citizenship renunciation document , have got documents owing to Turkish citizenship  regarding the use of given rights, (Number  5901 Turkish Citizenship Law in Article 7 " (1) inside or outside Turkey the child born from Turkish mother and father by marriage is Turkish citizen. " So the candidates to apply  to the acceptance quotas from abroad had better  examine the Turkish Citizenship Law )
 3) while having foreign citizenship those who change their citizenship for the Republic of Turkey / dual citizens like this 
 4) Of Turkish citizens that have completed secondary education in a foreign country other than TRNC ( Including those who  have completed the secondary education in a Turkish school in a foreign country other than TRNC )
 5 ) Of TRNC citizens who have residence in TRNC and that have completed the secondary education in TRNC, those who have GCE AL exam results and those who have or will have  GCE AL exam rusults by having enrolled  to the high schools and colleges in the other countries between 2005 to 2010

acceptance of  application ,

• b) of the candidates
o 1 ) Of those who are Turkish citizens and who have completed their entire education in Turkey or in TRNC,
   2)  Of  TRNC citizens ( with the exception of those who have completed their entire secondary education in TRNC  High Schools having GCE AL examination result and those who have or will have GCE AL examination result by having enrolled in the high schools and colleges in other countries having education with between 2005-2010 ) ,
   3) As defined in item  a  second paragraph,  of dual citizens whose  first nationality by birth is turkish  , ( with the exception of those who have completed their entire secondary education  in a foreign country other than TRNC / except those who have completed their entire secondary education in the turkish schools in a foreign country other than TRNC


 4) Of dual citizens , one of whose citizenship is TRNC  ( with the exception of those who have GCE AL exam results  who have completed their entire secondary education in TRNC high schools and those who have and will have GCE AL examination result by having enrolled in the high schools and colleges in other countries  having education between 2005-2010) ,
or 5) Of those who have studied in the schools of  the  embassies in Turkey , in the foreigners schools having turkish citizenship or those, as defined in item  a  second paragraph  of dual citizens whose first nationality is turkish

Applications will not  be accepted .

Article 3 – The candidates  who have graduated from the schools equivalent to Turkish high schools and conforms to the following conditions of application can apply to study at our University’s undergraduate programs.

Quotas of the students to be admitted to the undergraduate programs of our university are decided by the Council of Higher Education and is announced in the guide of the students to be admitted from the abroad.

Students who have scored in the exams the lower limit specified in Table 1 may apply to the quota  that has been announced by ÖSYM .

Article 4 – If the Candidates , after having been admitted to the University, bring documents about they have got the citizenship  for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus , this does not change their status of the time of acceptance.

Date of Application

Article 5 – Applications of the foreign Students will be held in July every year , the date of application , the date of interview and the  result of the application will be announced on the website of the university .
                    Istanbul Science University will send an acceptance letter to the candidates whose application is accepted .

Candidates, with this letter of acceptance should go to the Turkish Embassy in their country ( or the closest ) and get  a "Student Visa".

This visa is absolutely necessary to enter Turkey and  enroll to the university .
                     Student who are in Turkey, get the student visa  from the City Police Departments .
                      From the foreign students who complete their Secondary education in Turkey and without a break want to have  an undergraduate education and from the children of the foreigners who have work and residence permit in Turkey student visa is not required.

Documents required for application

Article 6 - Application Papers
1 Notarized copy of high school diploma ( must be in English or Turkish ) . NOTE :  Equivalency Certificate indicating that the high school diploma of the candidates is equivalent to the diplomas that have been taken from the turkish high schools and which can be obtained from From the Turkish Ministry of Education or from the Turkish Embassy in their countries will be required during registration .
2.  Official Transcript ( note text) : The official transcripts showing the grades and the courses that they have taken in the high school and that is approved by  the high School management and the Turkish Ministry of National Education must be submitted in a sealed envelope by the candidates.

If the transcript is not in english or turkish,  certified copy translated into these languages must be submitted together with the transcript .

3.  Documents of the Exam Results: SAT ( entered in the last two years ) and its equivalent ( GCE, ACT , Tawjihi , etc. . ) Exam results, original or notarized copies of documents

4.  Receipt of Application Fee : The receipt  showing that the application fee ( will not be returned ) was deposited to the account number of our university .

5.  Application Form
           Applications can be made ​​in person or also by mail to the adres of our university

Evaluation of the Applications

Article 7 – Applications of  the candidates will be evaluated by the Commission of student Admissions from Abroad that consists of  the Faculty / School Dean / Directors . Comission may make additional interviews with the purpose of selection and sorting.

       The evaluation and the placement of the applicants is entirely within the authority  of Istanbul Science  University . Istanbul Science University is free to fill or not fill the quotas . Meeting the conditions of application does not mean  to be accepted  for the placement .
                  Application results are announced on the web site and in the Department of Student Affairs of İstanbul Science University.


Article 8 - documents required  fort he Final registration  :

1.  High School Diploma and original of the certificate of equivalence
2.  Original examination result of the international Examination

  1. identity card with photo or the notarized copy of the page of the passport showing identity information
    2.  Turkish qualification certificate Diploma of Tomer (C1 certificate)
    3.  A notarized copy of the the residence permit
    4.  A notarized copy of student visa ( Turkish international Representatives )
    5. 12 passport size photographs
    6.  Obligatory  health insurance
    7.  The bank receipt showing that the payment of education is done
    8.  notarized document showing that can afford the education fee of our university.

    Language of Instruction

    Article 9 – The language of the education at our University is Turkish.

      Therefore, the students who can not offer a Turkish Proficiency Exam Result which is accepted by Istanbul Science University (insufficient Turkish ) are obliged to bring their Turkish to an adequate level within one year leave of absence. Applicants are sent to Turkish Teaching Center ( Tomer ) for the Turkish education. , The Applicants who are on leave, should prove by document that their turkish level is sufficient at the beginning of the academic year following the year that they won the right to register, during the registration time. Otherwise, they will lose all their rights of education and their registration will be deleted .

                 students, who, during the registration ,present a valid Certificate of proficiency in turkish will directly start to the undergraduate programs that they were accepted.
General Information

Article 10 - concerning the matters that are not included in these instructions and may turn up,  the relevant laws, regulations, directives and decisions of higher education institutions are based on .

Article 11Students from abroad Placement Plan:

1.  Students graduate from the high school
2.  Take an international exam ( SAT I, Tawjihi, etc.) and get the base grade that is given in Table 1 .
3.  Will apply to  İstanbul Science University ( no more than 3 departments) .
4.  The application of the Student is valued by the commission .
5-  The student are notified that they were qualifed by a letter and is announced on the university's web site .
6. Students are enrolled.

Article 12 – The base scores for the international exams that will be taken into account in the selection of the students that are coming from abroad

Article 13 – Applicants  are responsible from the accuracy of the information  that thay have written on the application form. In case of  Misstatements , behaviors such as pasting  someone else’s photograph , the registration, if it was made, will be canceled and the related legal and administrative proceedings will be initiated .

Article 14 - This Directive goes into effect in 2013-2014 academic year

Article 15 - The authority of this Directive  is executed by the the Rector of Istanbul Science University .

Table 1: Lower Limit Scores regarding the International Achievement Test that will be Considerated in the Selection of the Students from Abroad  ( Starting from the Academic Year 2013-2014 )

1.  GCE (General Certificate Education )
Medicine Mathematics  1A Level and from any two of Physics, Chemistry and Biology 2A Level
other At least three subjects Level 3A

2.  1 SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test )
 at least 500 in mathematics in total 1000

3.  ACT (American College Test)

Medicine                     Mathematics -Science 24

Arts and Science   -  Mathematics - Reading 22

High School               Mathematics -Science or Mathematics - Reading 21

4.  IB ( International Baccalaureate) Diploma grade 28

5.  Baccalaureate Libanais ( Lebanese Baccalaureate ) Science branch ( Scientific Stream ) Diploma note

Medicine 15

Arts and Sciences 14

high School 13

6.  Tawjihi ( Jordan and Palestine) Science branch ( Scientific Stream ) , average of all the exams

Medicine 90

Arts and Sciences   80

High School 70

7.  Al- Shahada- Al – Thanawiyya-Al- Amma Science branch ( Scientific Stream ) out of 240  (Syria Baccalaureate)

Medicine 200

Arts and Sciences   190

High School 180

8.  GAOKAO ( in the Republic of China numerical points out of 750 university entrance exam )

Medicine 540

Arts and Sciences  520

High School 500

9.  ABIT (General German High School Proficiency ) maximum 3

10.  Matura Diploma grade at least 2

11.  French Baccalaureate Diploma grade at least 10

12.  Iranian high school diploma grade

Medicine Diploma average of Debirestan at least 18/20 and Pishdaneshgahi finishing grade at least 18/20

Arts and Sciences   Diplome average of Debirestan at least 17/20 and Pishdaneshgahi finishing score at least 17/20

High School Diploma average of Debirestan at least 16/20 and Pishdaneshgahi finishing score at least 16/20

13.  TCS  Medicine, 60, Arts and Sciences   55 , High School 50

14.  OSS Examinations (YGS / LYS)
 previous year's base score

15.  Azerbaijan Certificate of Complete Secondary Education 3 out of 5 and TQDK (Azerbaijan National University Entrance Exam

in the related field applied out of 700 at least

Medicine 600/700

Arts and Sciences 500/700

High School 500/700

16.  High School Graduation grade for Latvia  at least 6

17.  Lithuanian Brandos Atestatas / Certificate of Maturity at least 6

18.  Moldova Diploma de absolvir a invatamintulu of the media in general ( Baccalaureate Examination)

Related to the program applied  , at least of two exams at least 7 out of 10

19.  Uzbekistan Certificate of Secondary Education / ATTESTAT that I brazovani Srednia 3 out of 5

20.  Russian Federation
Russia ATTESTAT / Certificate of Secondary Education , 3 out of 5 and

EGE ( Russian National School Exam ) on totally 4 subjects at least 280 grade or

Russian Federation Central State Exam (Unified State Exam- EGE)

at least two of them will be related to the program applied   -   in three subjects approximately 80%

21.  Turkmenistan High School graduation Diploma
( I Obrazovaniya ATTESTAT Srednia of it ) 3 out of 5