Who Can Make Application

A) Among high school graduates or high school final year students, ones who have the following qualifications are eligible to apply:

B) Ones who have the following qualifications are not eligible to apply:

Necessary Documents for Application for Undergraduate Studies

The following documents must be submitted for application:

Exam Results that are Submitted for Application

The applicants should fulfill the condition of getting the following national or international exam results or should get 50 from İstanbul Arel University’s exam.

i. International Test Results


A) Validity period for high school graduation exams (Abitur, International Baccalaureate, GCE, etc.) is infinite;

B) Validity period for university entrance exams (SAT, etc.) is two years.

ii. National Test Results

Please click for the list of national exams accepted by Istanbul Arel University.

2014-2015 Academic Year - International Student Application Schedule

International Student Online Application Period: 5 May - 6 June 2014

Evaluation of International Student Applications: 9-13 June 2014

ARELYÖSS (General Skill Test): 18 June 2014

Turkish/English Proficiency Exam: 19 June 2014

Announcement of Results: 23 June 2014

Final Registration: 21-25 July 2014